10 Easy Ways to Increase the Productivity of Your Team

Being a team leader is no easy task. You might feel that your job does not give you the opportunity to excel in it. Of course, “leading” itself is an art and can be learned with practice. However, you must constantly monitor every aspect of your work to ensure that you are truly excelling at this craft. Here are ten ways to make sure your squad runs like clockwork!

1) Review Performance Standards Constantly:

The first thing you need to keep tacking as a team leader is the performance standards of each individual member of your squad or team. Some people will do better at their jobs than others based on varying degrees of skill, knowledge, and natural talent. This probably goes without saying, but you must praise the members of your team who are doing a great job while gently encouraging those who need to do better. Little add-ons like training programs, addition of card games that comes in playing card boxes, or announcing some reward will help to boost your team performance.

2) Have Clear Objectives for Every Project:

It sounds simple enough, but, as a leader, it’s not enough to just assign a task and hope that team will complete them successfully. You must provide clear instructions with regards to what exactly you want to do. If something goes wrong, this will allow you to give feedback more easily than if there were no guidelines at all. It’s also crucial that every member of your team understands that these objectives are meant to help them work better together towards completing the project in an efficient manner. Be mindful too, however, don’t micromanage your subordinates by setting unrealistic expectations!

3) Setting Short-term and Long-term Goals:

If some of your team members still struggle with understanding what you are requiring of them, break down the objectives into smaller segments first. This way, they won’t feel as overwhelmed and will likely perform better than if you had given them a 10-page term paper to complete on their very first day working for you out of the blue! After that, sit down with everyone on your team and discuss how they can work more effectively by setting up milestones.

By doing so, it’s easier for each member to see the big picture and accomplish their tasks without getting too engrossed in one specific job or project. You must set realistic targets, though; don’t expect every person under your leadership to miraculously turn into a highly-productive superwoman or man overnight. After all, it takes time to get use to the job and understand how you work.

4) Improving Communication at Workplace:

Make it a point to improve the communication skills of every member of your team. Hold weekly or bi-weekly meetings that allow them to share their progress and ask questions without fear of appearing incompetent.

By doing this, you can easily clear up all doubts they might have about your project beforehand. Therefore, saving both time and effort during the actual meeting.

If there are certain members who keep on making the same mistakes over and over or ignoring instructions, then maybe you should sit down with them privately for an honest discussion. It’s possible that they’re unable to understand what you are expecting from them because you haven’t taken the time to explain how things work in your company.

5) Make Friendly Workplace Environment:

Remember, your team is working with you because they all want to achieve the same goal. So why not make their journey easier by creating an environment of friendship? Let them know that you’re always open for a casual chat, and they can also approach you if anything is bugging them.

This will strengthen their relationships with each other as well as with you, which means more commitment towards achieving common goals. Also, remember that your employees are humans, too (despite how it may seem sometimes). They won’t like coming into work every morning via the staff entrance or getting chewed out in front of everybody when they do something wrong.

6) Provide Job Security:

Create a sense of security by allowing only managers to criticize or give constructive feedback during meetings. Make sure to take their requests seriously and act upon them. Make them feel that you care about them, and their job is secure.

Give them a five-minute break or send some snacks to their desk when they complete something big. A small gesture like this will make them feel appreciated and rewarded for their efforts. Try to do it at least once a day. Not only your employees but the entire department would feel happier doing their work.

7) Don’t Micromanage:

Micromanaging will do more harm than good so let your employees do their job. This way, they’ll be motivated to complete tasks by themselves without having to wait for your guidance each time. Plus, you’ll also save some of your precious time this way!

8) Encourage Team-Building Activities:

Team-building activities are a great way to get people closer to each other, strengthen relationships between workers and management as well as improve the productivity rate of the entire team. Organize events like retreats, parties, or even project camping sessions to increase trust levels among different individuals in the workforce.

Provide them some games to strengthen their bonding. Simple playing card games that come in custom sleeve & tray boxes will do the trick for you.

9) Be Consistent with Promotions and Awards:

Don’t promote people only once in 2-3 years. Instead, let them feel that you’re actually keen on their development by promoting them every now and then. This way, they’ll be much more motivated to produce better results. Also, make sure to reward your employees whenever the need arises. Nothing makes a better motivation tactic than an award!

10) Take A Break Once in A While:

While it’s important for you as a manager to be consistent with your approach towards others and proactive when needed, it is also equally important for you to take breaks from time to time so you can recharge yourself and come back with even more energy than before. “Some of us might think we don’t have enough time during the day, but the truth is that we make time for what matters most to us. We all have the same number of hours each day; it’s how we choose to use them that differs.

Final Thoughts

Following these steps, you can boost the productivity of your team in an instant. Passion, commitment, and perfection can’t be forced upon anyone, so it’s important to take some time out for yourself so you can come back with that much-needed enthusiasm to propel your team forward. Developing these strategies into habits will help you in the long run. If you wish to know more about this, you can check out this website to find out more about how to increase the productivity of your team.