5 Powerful Reasons to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

embed facebook feed

Facebook – The one platform that transformed the social media landscape. Social media was once considered as another aspect of the internet, but since the popularity of Facebook, it has become an integral part of everyone’s life.

As it revolutionized the social media landscape, likewise, it plays a prominent role in transforming the marketing scenario. With features, such as Facebook Ads and more, it keeps the businesses ahead, providing them a platform to meet consumers beyond geographical boundaries. And as many businesses rely heavily on Facebook to promote their products and brands, marketers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to use Facebook and extract many benefits from it.

And hence we are currently witnessing a trend where businesses are opting to embed Facebook feed on the website. It is an effective marketing strategy that is helping businesses in various ways and if you are dicey about the decision whether or not to embed Facebook feed on the website. Here are some of the major reasons that might encourage you to adopt this strategy at this very moment.

Embed Facebook Feed – 5 Powerful Reasons Why You Should Do It Right Away

Reasoning helps humans to improve knowledge and make better decisions. Therefore keeping it in the spotlight in convincing you to embed Facebook feed on the website, we have prepared the following reasons. We think these major reasons will be enough to persuade you for this strategy out of various reasons.

1. Increases the visuals of our website

In this age of digitalization, eCommerce and online stores are taking the front seat for the business. Therefore, it becomes highly crucial to have an engaging website that attracts the audience and creates a great impression. And what could be a better option than vibrant, engaging, and captivating user-generated content from everyone’s favorite social media platform, right?

Facebook is known for providing a variety of content that includes videos, images, texts, and more. That means it has the capacity to engage any type of audience. And as there is a variation of content, it brings vibrancy and liveliness to the website.

2. Drives audience to the website

Having a good-looking and lively website brings a good reputation in the market, and as people tend to talk more about the website or spread the word about your website, how it enhances their browsing experience. So it might encourage more people to visit your website because eventually everyone likes to visit a good-looking and entertaining website. And we all know more audience, and more traffic means more chances of attaining sales.

3. Increases visitors engagement

As there are ample websites and options available for consumers, it becomes essential that you add some visitor engagement elements to your website to hold the visitors to your website. Facebook is known for delivering great content that keeps the viewers hooked on the website for a long time. By embedding them on the website, you can easily bring that needed x-factor to your website. When you opt to embed Facebook feed on the website, you have options to showcase content from your website, user-generated content from your consumers, and more.

4. Provides a sneak into your social media presence

While we talk about revolution and modernization – in recent times, social media has emerged as an element that people often consider while determining the reputation of a brand. So you need to have some strategies to create awareness about your social media presence, and this strategy helps you in that. While you embed Facebook feed on the website, it provides a sneak into your Facebook presence, and visitors also have the option to follow you on the platform, increasing your social media strength. 

5. Provides a social proof

A rational customer always looks for social proofs or reviews before making their purchase. And Facebook provides both. People often use the platform to upload images using the product or provide a video explaining the product, and this acts as social proof. Also, Facebook provides the facility to its users to provide their feedback and review on the website. You can embed both on your website and establish credibility for your business. Moreover, these elements also help consumers in their buying decisions.

After knowing all these amazing benefits now, you might be eager to embed Facebook feed on the website, so here are 3 easy ways to do it.

Simple Methods To Embed Facebook Feed On The Website

If you think that embedding is a difficult process with such amazing benefits, you are highly mistaken. On the contrary, it is very simple; even without any coding knowledge or skill, you can achieve this feat. 

1. Using social media aggregators

Tagembed is the best Social media aggregator tool that helps you to collect, curate, customize and display social media feeds on your website. Tools provide a dedicated Facebook feed widget that helps you in displaying the Facebook feed on your website. You can easily find them on the internet and operate them like a pro. In addition, it provides various features such as customization, curation, and more that add great significance to the website.

2. WordPress plugins

If you use a WordPress website, you have an easy method to embed Facebook feed on the WordPress website, and that is by using the Social Media Feeds WordPress plugin. Just like social media aggregators, plugins provide various other features that add tremendous value to this strategy.

3. Facebook embedding code

Facebook provides its embedding code for each post that you can copy and paste on the backend of your website. But, you cannot customize these posts, and also, you have to embed each post manually; there is no automatic update option available; this automatic update option is available in the above 2 methods. 

Summing It Up

Facebook has some amazing content on the platform; the users are creative and know how to use each facility that it provides. By opting to embed Facebook feed on the website, you bring that vibrant and x-factor to your website. And as all the content streams from the source, it does not affect the speed or resource from your website.

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