7 Essential Things to Consider While Consulting A SAP Service Provider

SAP Service

SAP consulting firms provide enterprises with the necessary technical help. Before you begin, there are a few things to keep in mind. You must have the abilities and information required for success in this industry. Specialists in this field have been generating punctual, high-quality content since their foundation.

This is a highly vital subject, and we care deeply about it. We felt the SAP Community would find all seven suggestions helpful. Numerous variables influence the success of your SAP setup. Occasionally, you must call in an external specialist to help you achieve your objectives. The consultant you choose can determine the success or failure of your SAP project. These seven ideas will assist you in locating the ideal expert for your SAP project.

1. Identify the Appropriate Skill Sets


Selecting a reliable SAP services expert entails first recognizing your specific skill set. Often, consultants concentrate on a very narrow subset of the SAP product line. Clients that use SAP frequently believe that only major software integrators or chosen vendors have the appropriate SAP expertise. It is valid for primary SAP sections.

However, this is typically not the case for more recent SAP modules, product updates, and industry-specific modules. In these instances, working with an independent specialist, professional SAP consulting businesses in the United States, or SAP directly is preferable.

The important message is that you must know your needs and not assume that the vendor has the required consultants. Utilizing your present consultants in conjunction with your personal and professional networks might be an effective method for locating the appropriate consultant. Even if the SAP industry is relatively small, most experts will happily help you in your search if you approach them.

2. Evaluate their resumes


Always utilize SAP resumes to see if candidates are qualified for an interview. One can quickly fall into the trap of searching for the ideal individual on paper. Nevertheless, a resume alone should not be utilized to make a hiring choice. When analyzing a summary, you should find answers to the following:

  • Are they capable of demonstrating the required abilities and experience?
  • Does the summary contain errors or inconsistencies?
  • Does your resume correspond to any LinkedIn profiles?
  • What information can be found when a person’s name is typed into a search engine?
  • Does the individual pose queries about SAP’s Community Network or respond to and contribute to them?
  • Have any of your contacts worked with the individual, and can they provide constructive criticism?

You should ensure that only competent individuals are interviewed by evaluating their resumes.

3. Evaluate their Consulting Experience Level

Your SAP project consultant must possess the required skill set and previous implementation experience. Experienced SAP consultants must be capable of translating between SAP terminology and business English straightforwardly for anyone to comprehend.

Any SAP consultants who have difficulty translating business jargon into “SAP speak” should be interrogated. You must verify that your consultants have the appropriate experience. Otherwise, you might have to pay someone to learn the job.


Achieve this by conducting a technical interview. Technical interviews are often challenging. However, these are some fundamental actions to take:

  • Include both IT and business professionals on your interview team.
  • Provide everyone with a model to follow.
  • Engage a trusted technical IT professional (or consultant) to solve specific SAP functional/technical queries.
  • Ask only questions to which you know the answer.
  • Ask them how they would address a real issue that falls within their scope of work.
  • Do not use the online-accessible questions from the SAP interview.

The technical interview aims to develop confidence that the consultant possesses the SAP technical abilities and business expertise necessary to contribute to the team.


4. Look at Their Communication Skills

Communication skills are crucial for any engagement, despite being commonly neglected. Effective consultants must have the ability to communicate with both the business and information technology divisions. It is essential to find a consultant with exceptional listening skills, practical communication skills, and knowledge of the business and IT teams. Communication skills are needed for many vital jobs, including requirements collecting, implementation, meetings, presentations, and knowledge transfer.

5. Always Check References


When recruiting consultants, the frequency with which reference checks are skipped astounds us. Even if a new consultant is a respected source, references should be examined before hiring them. Many professionals lack the skills necessary for success. A warning indication should be displayed if authorities are unresponsive. Customers are delighted to provide references for leading consultants. Verification of the consultant should involve a referral check. They can also offer an excellent opportunity to network with SAP-using businesses.

This is the stage where you can know their strengths and weaknesses. Service providers should be able to understand their clients’ needs.

Experts must have sufficient project management skills to achieve their company objectives. Before hiring, it is essential to confirm their legality and determine how successfully they provide SAP services to their clients.


6. SAP Certification


Any business owner must have in-depth knowledge of SAP processes. Select SAP service providers who can comprehend and meet the needs of each client. They must be familiar with the essential functions of SAP software. They must be SAP-certified and should have qualified team members. And one of those certifications is Partner Centre of Expertise (PoE) Accreditation.

Not all service providers are eligible for this certification. The PoE accreditation demonstrates that the service provider has complied with the support centre’s infrastructure and people. With such a certification, you can rest assured that your service provider is capable and dedicated to providing your company with the best services possible. Such is a condition that must be met. The service provider and the organization must also sign Service Level Agreement (SLA), which includes all services, activities and goals.

7. Do They Have Other Services as an Offer?

SAP consulting firms usually work closely with both their clients and SAP to determine the need for specialized services. Due to these highly specialized services and solutions, SAP can fulfil “whitespace” requirements. Such can be done in industries like railroads, professional services, high technology, and EC&O.

These services, which often cater to the software requirements of niche market segments, can only be provided by SAP Partners who are familiar with the topic. Before finalizing the SAP service provider, evaluating the SAP program maintenance procedure is essential. Such guarantees that the IT department maintains a safe and secure information environment.


These tips will help you get started and head in the right direction. Remember, when selecting an SAP consulting firm to engage with for your SAP ERP needs, it is essential to grasp the unique value that each delivers. This includes businesses that cater to the specific needs of supply chain enterprises.

You can determine a person’s dedication and grasp of SAP use cases by analyzing their prior successes and SAP experience. It should be straightforward to determine if they can articulate ERP demands and walk through SAP solutions.