8 Reasons Why a Trained Guard Should Be Your Preference

When it comes to safety and security, nothing should be taken lightly. You must take the necessary precautions to protect your employees, customers, and property. And when it comes to security, having a trained guard on site can be your best decision. 

The best security guard services in Kern County come with various advantages, from increased safety and peace of mind to deter potential criminal activity. Here are eight reasons why a trained security guard should be your preference.

1. More Reliable and Trustworthy

Professional Kern County security guard services offer reliable, trustworthy guards who are well-trained and certified to use security equipment. These guards have undergone extensive background checks that make them reliable and trustworthy. For example, commercial security guards must go through a full background check and the California Department of Justice (DOJ) fingerprint verification process. This ensures they have the qualifications to provide safe and secure services to clients.

2. Highly Professional

The best security guard company in Kern County employs highly professional and experienced personnel to manage the security of your business. The staff should be certified in the latest physical surveillance techniques, crowd control, and customer service. They should also keenly understand the laws and regulations about private security services. This will ensure that they can handle any situation professionally and effectively without compromising the safety of your premises.

3. Up-to-date Training 

With the ever-changing security landscape, security guards must stay up to date on the latest equipment and tactics. A trained guard will be familiar with traditional and modern methods of guarding a business or property and can adapt their services accordingly. Some types of security guard training include:

  1. a) hazardous material training
  2. b) crowd control training 
  3. c) first aid/CPR certification 
  4. d) defensive tactics 
  5. e) active shooter response 
  6. f) unarmed self-defense techniques. 

A security guard constantly trained on the latest safety measures ensures your business or property is secure and compliant with industry regulations.

4. Trained Guards Can Handle Emergencies

Some types of emergencies, like fires, medical emergencies, and burglary alarm systems, require special skills and knowledge that untrained guards need to gain. Trained security guards can respond quickly in emergencies and take appropriate action. They are familiar with the types of protocols and procedures required for fire safety and other emergency response scenarios. Furthermore, they can assess risks, coordinate necessary evacuations,  and assist first responders.

5. Better Threat Identification

Trained security guards are better versed in identifying and responding to potential threats. This can be particularly valuable for businesses that handle sensitive data, as trained security guards will know red flags regarding suspicious people or activities. They can also act quickly if a situation escalates into an emergency, such as a break-in or an active-shooter incident. This can minimize the damage or disruption to the business, making it a safer and more secure environment for everyone involved.

6. Professional Demeanor

Trained security guards are also adept at keeping their composure during even highly stressful situations. This is important to ensure they remain professional and do not take impulsive actions. They will also know how to handle a situation to ensure it does not escalate into something worse. Professionals who know how to keep their cool are invaluable in protecting your business or property.

7. Appropriate Dress Code

When you hire security guards, they typically come with a professional dress code to make them easily recognizable. High-profile companies rely on their security guards to provide a visible presence for the business, which requires an appropriate uniform. Professional security guards are usually dressed in shirts, pants, and even hats with company logos or insignia. This helps ensure they’re taken seriously while on duty and can provide an extra level of trust when dealing with customers or clients. Furthermore, it shows respect for the company and its policies. Security guards will know how to represent you professionally when appropriately dressed for the job.

8. Crowd Control

Some events and corporate environments may require crowd control. Trained security guards are better suited to handle these situations, as they know how to control them while maintaining a professional demeanor and approach. They understand what actions are necessary to protect the safety of others, and they will always be prepared for any potential disturbance or emergency. For example, they may need to assess an escalating situation quickly and take action immediately. They also know how to respond if there is violence or a threat of danger present. 

Final Words

Trained guards are the best choice for any security situation and should be considered a critical part of your security plan. Their expertise, knowledge, and dedication to safety can help protect your property and people from potential threats. Plus, their professionalism and experience will provide peace of mind in knowing that all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure your safety.