A summarized way to Configure the Wavlink Wireless repeater

Wavlink Wireless repeater

The Wavlink Wireless repeater ensures that you achieve a flawless and strong wifi speed of 1200 Mbps. With its superior wifi performance and amazingly delivered speed, you can enjoy unlimited or uninterrupted wifi streaming or enjoy video gaming without any loading or buffering. Also, the wavlink repeater works as a wifi repeater, as an access point, or wifi router that can help to meet all the basic requirements regarding internet connectivity. Moreover, the wireless repeater device includes two ethernet ports that can seamlessly connect to wired devices and enhance the wifi range by combining the range with your existing wifi devices.
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The Wavlink wireless-n wifi repeater comes with four external antennas that provide ultimate wifi performance and boosts the range of your existing wifi coverage. By extending the wifi range, it can eliminate the dead spots from your whole house.  Also, it is compatible with the wireless network extender so that it can easily extend the range connection of your home network and keep your smart gadget connected to the device.

Wavlink Wireless Repeater Configuration with WiFi Repeater mode

The Wavlink wireless repeater is compiled with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac standards and enables dual bandwidth wifi support.  Also, the device improves the wireless coverage performance in all the WLAN wireless networks. However, its dual-band connectivity provides lag-free streaming of your favorite show and allows you to switch the wireless repeater to the access point or the wifi router mode. Hence, as a Wavlink user, you are allowed to configure the device as a repeater mode.

Configuration of the Wavlink with the Repeater mode

The configuration of the Wavlink repeater with the access point mode or wireless router mode. Make sure that you are accessing that wireless router that supports the WPS button setup. It helps you to operate the device seamlessly. The first tuning you have to do is to select the repeater mode into the access point mode. Plug the device into the wall socket. Therefore, press the WPS  button of the wireless router for more than five seconds or until you find the LED begins to flash. 
After waiting for more than two minutes, press the button of the access point or the repeater for more than three seconds. Henceforth, the wireless router or access point mode will automatically connect to the wireless repeater and copy all the major settings. Well, you can also configure the settings of the device with the help of the computer or the laptop device.

Wirelessly Configuration of the Wavlink 

First, you need to select the mode with an Access point or the repeater mode and position it into the repeater mode. Then simply plug the device into the wall socket. Now click on the Ethernet or network wireless icon on the right screen of your client device. Simply identify the network connection. Then launch a safe portal and type ap setup or default IP address into the address bar. After that, the setup page opens and a login screen appears on your web screen.
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On the login page, you have to enter a default username and password and then hit on the submit icon. Well, the default username and the password to access the page are to admin. After logging in to the device, tap on the wireless repeater button. Now a list appears on your screen and from there you have to select a wireless network. Then you can select the router or the AP mode which correspondingly connects to the wireless network. After that, specify the network security key which is the same as the router security key. After completing all the tasks, reboot the device and enjoy the ultimate internet zone throughout the house.

Reviews on Wavlink Wireless Repeater

The Wavlink Wifi Repeater does not disappoint you with its speed and coverage range. If your wireless router offers you the WPS button then the setup becomes easier. If it does not offer you the WPS feature then you can use the web browser interface method. You can also use the app to complete the setup of the device. In the app, the configuration instructions clearly mention. You just need to connect the repeater with the exciting wifi network device. 

You can also read the above-mentioned instructions that guide you to set up the device in an effective way. After following all the instructions manually, then you receive the wifi coverage throughout your house. Overall the setup is great and working is as described. You can also recommend it to your near and dear one who is looking for an amazing wireless repeater for their home network.

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