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Since more and more employees are now willing to work remotely, the significance of remote office phone systems has increased. Modern office remote phone systems have fewer upkeep requirements and can be expanded to accommodate the installation of extra phone lines without requiring intensive upkeep or technical staff attendance. Employees should have the flexibility and mobility needed to work remotely with a virtual phone system. While keeping up worker communication should also improve the efficiency of the channels. There are several choices that eliminate the need for office telephony equipment maintenance and servicing. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of a remote office phone system and the need for one.

A common problem caused by virtual phone numbers:

The most excellent virtual phone system enables companies to save costs associated with communication by 50 to 70 percent. These results from the top virtual number provider in India, Knowlarity, which provides customers with the adaptability, portability, and scalability needed to connect from anywhere and interact using cutting-edge technology. Even with their excellent phone systems, advanced features, voice quality, and more, they may experience quality problems. Thankfully, most VoIP call quality issues can be solved without assistance from IT, allowing you to carry on having productive conversations. The following is a list of a few advantages of every remote office phone system.

Outstanding portability:

Using a virtual Indian phone number cloud-based work-from-home phone system, you can take calls from any smart device, such as a computer or smartphone. All you require is an IP phone and a dedicated internet connection. This will enable you to respond to calls and assist clients at all times, whether in the office, home, or beach tanning. A remote office phone system’s level of portability boosts the advantages, including enhanced customer satisfaction, increased productivity, brand improvement, and more. In short, greater portability will guarantee that operations will not be negatively impacted by remote working and that every incoming contact will always be answered.

Improves business relationships:

You must keep your client in the dark about the fact that you operate from home. Utilizing solutions for work-from-home phones will help you accomplish this. To provide the idea that you are an authorized employee and not a spammer, you can call using an official business number, for instance, the cloud-based remote worker phone system. Additionally, a toll-free or vanity number makes you appear to be a well-known or established organization where customers are more likely to accept calls from these numbers. The call pickup and conversion rates will gradually increase due to this.


Cost reductions are yet another significant benefit of work-from-home phone solutions. As mentioned earlier, purchasing a remote office phone system allows for setting up the required IT infrastructure at each employee’s location quickly and easily. Additionally, unlike conventional phone systems, you won’t need to buy a lot of hardware or keep it up-to-date.

Simple call management and supervision:

The phone system is configured to allow you to monitor the phone platform by users using a centralized tool. You may view users’ active calls see previous calls, listen in silently on active calls, record calls, and more with this tool. You may also make easy modifications with the tool.

Excellent scalable infrastructure:

Setting up a specialized infrastructure at each employee’s house is not practicable once the work-from-home concept has been established. IP phones and broadband internet are the only investments you will need to make where both can be found readily. Any employee who has access to these essential tools will be able to call clients, receive calls, and participate in internal communication through the unified communication system. Furthermore, the company won’t have to start by investing significantly in a premium service plan. Instead, companies can adjust resources and services to the expansion.

Move to virtual number solution from Knowlarity:

It is crucial to rely on your communication systems and maintain contact with your team while you all adjust to the changes the business world has undergone in recent weeks. Using the best phone system from Knowlarity is the right for your remote working requirements. By installing virtual numbers from Knowlarity, you may tackle today’s problems with more assurance that you can overcome them and succeed.