Astrological Tips to Bring Good Luck After Marriage

All of us, at some point, have looked to astrology for help, be it our health, jobs, or our financial situation. In a similar way, astrology can also help in bringing us good luck after our marriage.

Marriage is a union of two people. It is a beautiful relationship where the bride and groom strive to lead a happy and prosperous life together. No one aspires to lead a miserable life after marriage. Future brides and grooms usually seek some astrology advice. We also find that two people who like each other need to decide their future course of action according to their astrology compatibility.

In Vedic Astrology, Janam Kundli or Kendari matching is typically done according to Ashtakut’s matching method, which uses eight different parameters. Janma Kundali is their natal chart representing 12 homes, each representing one or more aspects of their lives. The location of the nine planets in these homes underscores the good luck and good luck aspects of a person’s life.

This method is an old practice, but as the times change and these eight parameters, a few more points are checked to ensure post-marriage financial benefits. Life partners (male or female) need to bring prosperity to the natives after having a married life.

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What, according to astrology, brings good luck after marriage?

It is a general rule, but at the same time, it is a fundamental rule for checking wealth and the potential for wealth accumulation. Analyze the bride and groom’s Kendari or horoscope first, second, seventh, and eighth homes. If the combination is seen in one of the two horoscopes, the other partner in the relationship also wins.

For all horoscopes, the first house or ascendant is crucial. Because this is the starting point, the first home should be free from the illnesses and aspects of the hostile planet. Now, the second house is the income house, and all the native income is seen through that house; the seventh house is the spouse’s house, and the eighth house is the spouse’s income house.

Now, one of the rules can safely conclude that if the second house owner is placed in the seventh house on the same chart, the natives will benefit from wealth and wealth after marriage. The owner of the house’s income is placed in the husband’s house. Similarly,  if the 8th house is substantial and the head of the house is located in the 8th house itself, there is another rule that natives have endured the test of winning at marriage. The Ascendant’s 8th house owner casts an even aspect to the 2nd house on the native chart.

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What will bring wealth and prosperity after marriage?

  • The homes associated with this purpose are the second, seventh, and eleventh homes that provide important clues. A clean and robust relationship between these homes offers a good chance of gaining financial benefits through marriage.
  • The 7th house is associated with the spouse, and the benevolent planet with the 7th good sign brings general prosperity and happiness.
  • The relationship between the second, seventh, and eleventh homes (or their lords) can generate economic benefits through marriage, depending on their potency and the planet’s operation duration.
  • The positions of Jupiter and Venus can show good luck in terms of post-marriage wealth. In general, the placement of Jupiter is essential for men, and the order of Venus is necessary for females.

What can bring bad luck after marriage?

The second house has a cruel, malicious, or unfriendly planet. The lord of the second house is malevolent or ineffective in the Navansha sector. Unfavorable results can occur, and you can lose wealth when married. A spouse may be financially unstable or face financial fluctuations after marriage; this can be avoided after you refer to an astrologer to fix this.

In conclusion, this is how astrology predicts that you will have good luck after marriage. Your natal chart plays a crucial role in ensuring you and your family have good luck after marriage.