How to Resolve Avast Error Code 305

Avast Error Code 305

Avast is a famous security program and has the maximum number of users. You can directly install the free version of Avast from the web and use it on the PC. This program offers a maximum number of tools among free antivirus plans. The premium plans of Avast provide lots of advanced services and features. Using this antivirus makes the system secure. But sometimes, Antivirus gets into error and then starts showing Avast Error Code 305.

Reasons behind Avast Error Code 305

  1. Your Avast antivirus is not compatible with PC.
  2. Some Avast registry files are showing an error.
  3. Junk is conflicting Avast scanning process.
  4. Your recent changes are interrupting the Avast program.
  5. Avast setup is running out-of-date.
  6. The user is running another antivirus with Avast.

Step to Resolving Avast Error Code 305

Get the compatible Avast setup for the device

Some users get Avast error code 305 during installation. Whenever your program shows issues while installing; check all the resource requirements. The program won’t install when the system is incapable of providing the required resources. Always check the interface as people sometimes install the setup on different interfaces and then get into error. When the Avast program is incompatible; remove the setup and all related files. Restart PC and then you have to search for a compatible Avast program and more @ timenewspro. 

Repair the Avast related Registry Files

When the Avast scanning process interrupts and an error appears then you have to check the registry files. Your antivirus often shows errors when some registry files get corrupted. To stop Avast popups, you should fix the files. When you can know the steps and want to repair manually then get their backup key to prevent the mishap. 

  1. Open Windows PC and open cmd prompt
  2. Type Regedit on the screen
  3. Press Enter button
  4. Go to Windows registry editor 

Select the corrupted Avast files from the editor. Now the user has to export those files to the desktop. Once you get the files, edit them and then restart your Avast and check the error message.

Remove Another Antivirus from the PC

Using another security program with Avast antivirus will show an error code. When you use multiple antivirus programs on one device; it won’t provide better security. Those programs will start conflicting. For scanning the PC, antivirus accesses certain resources. When you use several antivirus programs, they all try to use the resources and get into error. If you want to run your Avast program without any error; remove other security programs. You should never run other security tools with Avast. Remove all the associated files and then restart the computer. Open Avast dashboard and run the scan to remove malware. 

Undo the changes on your computer

When the Avast setup is showing errors after making changes on the computer then undo them. People often get errors with security software when they change the settings. For fixing the error then you should undo all those recent changes. Reopen the same page and undo all the changes to default. After reverting those changes, the user can run Avast reliably. People often forget the default settings of the page. To revert the changes to default, run the restoring tool. You should run this tool only when you have the correct restoring point. Rut the tool and enter the point. Now follow the screen to complete the restoring process. After reverting the changes, your Avast program will run without any error.

Delete junk from your Device

If the scanning process interrupts and you get the 305 error code on the screen; check junk on the computer. Antivirus shows the error when you encounter a file that seems suspicious but can’t be found on the chart. Junk always creates issues on the PC. They use your free space, eat up the RAM and can interrupt your programs. Delete all the unnecessary files and apps. For deleting all junk at once, run Windows clean manager. The user has to run the cleanmgr command which can search all the junk at once. After deleting junk, try to run your Avast without any error. Also, check for the new update of your Avast program. When the Avast program is still getting the 305 error code then try reinstalling the setup.