Blink Mini Security Camera Not Detecting Motion

Blink Mini Security Camera

In today’s time, security cameras have become very important in everyone’s field because incidents of theft are increasing day by day. But people like such a security camera, which has all the features inside, such as connecting to mobile, Alexa compatible, 2-way audio, motion detection, night vision, and more. Then, for all the features you can install Blink Mini Security Camera in your home. Because this camera includes all the features and provides full protection. The motion detection feature is enhanced in this camera that totally detects the motion. The 1080P HD resolution is there in this security camera that provides full HD quality video. With this resolution, you watch damn clear HD recorded videos and easily catch a thief. 

 The mini compact indoor security camera works with network connectivity. Then, before using the camera you have to connect this camera to the WiFi router. The 2-way audio features are built-in then you can easily hear the voice. The blink mini camera setup is simple & fast by using the Blink App. you can install this app on your mobile phone by visiting the Google Play Store or Apple Store. Then, you can perform the setup within minutes.

Why does the Blink Mini Security Camera not detect the motion? 

The motion detection features are built-in on the Mini wireless security camera. It easily detects the motion of the person and provides high security. This motion detection is more helpful for your home. But sometimes, suddenly the motion detection of this camera is not working. If the detection is not working then the user faces an issue. There are some reasons due to motion detection is not working, which are as follow:

  • Security camera not connecting to the WiFi
  • Configure wrong camera setting
  • Cable is not accurately connected
  • SD card is faulty

Some solutions to resolve Blink Mini Security Camera Not Detecting Motion

If the wireless security camera does not detect the motion then you should verify the issue. Because many times the issue is very common. Then you can try to resolve this issue manually. If you wish to resolve the issue manually then you can follow some steps.

Connect the security camera to the WiFi network

Sometimes, the wireless security camera is not connected to the WIFi camera. If this camera is not connected to the network then it is not working & not detect the motion. To resolve the issue you properly verify the network connection issue. If your camera really does not connect to the network then you connect it. To connect the camera to the network, you can use the camera’s manual and find out the QR code.

Then you can scan the QR code and properly install the Blink App. In the app setting, you can select the network option. Now, In this option, you can enter the network name in their field and enter the password in the password. In the end, you can click the connection option and your camera accurately connects to the WIFi network. 

Ensure all cable connections properly

If the Mini security camera does not detect the motion then you should verify all the cables. Because many times your camera is not turning due to faulty cable. If the camera does not turn On then it will not detect the motion. To resolve the issue, you can use other power cables. While using the working condition power cable, you can connect to the camera. After that, your camera is turned On and the motion detection issue is also fixed. These are simple ways to resolve the issue. 

Enable the motion detection setting

Many times, you disable the motion detection setting then the motion detection feature is not working. To resolve the issue, you can verify the motion detection setting. To verify the motion detection setting, you can open the Blink App on your mobile phone. After opening the app, you can visit the setting. In the setting of the camera, you will find out the motion detection option. You can click this option. If this option is diable then you can enable it. After that, motion detection works accurately and the issue will be resolved. 

Install working condition SD card in the Blink Mini Security Camera

Many times, the SD card is faulty then the motion detection is not working. If the SD card is faulty then it does not record the videos & not detect the motion. To manually resolve the issue you can remove the faulty SD card in their slot. After some time, you can open the SD card slot and then install the working condition SD card in their slot. Now, this camera absolutely records the videos as well as detects motion. You can also try this step to manually resolve the issue. 

Clean the Blink Mini indoor camera lens 

Many times it happens that the soil above the lens of the security camera is freeze, due to which it is neither able to record video nor detect the motion. You can verify the lens of the security camera. If the Lens is really dirty. Then you can use a dry cloth and smoothly clean the dust particles in the lens of the camera. After that, the dust particles are cleaned in the lens. Presently, it completely detects the motion and works properly. 

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