7 Best Online Stores for Retailer to Buy iPhone in Bulk in USA

2nd Life Phones

iPhone has always been the charm for everyone in the mobile category. With its latest edition, it has made people crazier than ever before. IPhone wholesale suppliers, thanks to them who make the purchase of iPhone available for all at affordable prices. Earlier, iPhone model production was not this rapid as compared to today’s date. This makes it even more challenging for wholesale and retailers to buy iPhone in bulk and keep their market stock updated. Because people would opt for second-hand phones. 

We’re sharing some interesting information that many people would not know or think about when considering iPhone. 

Pros of iPhone

  • The technology and security system implemented in iOS is strict and amazing.
  • It has its applications hub. 
  • They have their developers, securit,y and application features which differ from other mobile devices. This defines its uniqueness.

Cons of iPhone

  • Way too expensive, not everyone can afford it at the market price. (A big reason customers opt for second-hand phones).
  • Latest models do not have something extraordinary that makes it obvious to shift to the new model.
  • Battery issue after usage of a few months or years. 

Below mentioned is a list of seven stores where you can find any iPhone of your choice, hustle-free and avoiding the cons discussed above. 

2nd Life Phones

2nd Life Phones is the recommended and accessible store in the USA if we consider the affordability factor. They are within your means iPhone wholesale suppliers. They have a great variety, the models available at their store are available in better condition and they are mainly new and stock to choose from never ends, as they keep it updated. 2nd Life Phones buy iPhone in bulk and sell to customers individually at fewer prices. Whether you shop online or in-store, customers are facilitated with discounts. If customers are not satisfied, they have a solution for that: return within 90 days. 


Phone Check is a reliable store that gives options from different other stores. They also work in the same mode of buying at wholesale but they deal with partnerships. The try their best to meet the standard requirements of customers such as any specific demands, inventory needs and complete model package information to be fulfilled are given. They have a huge collection of the latest technologies for instance: iPhone X is available at their store at less price. They are fully crystal clear about grading procedures.


eBay is the most common mobile device shopping store. It serves customers worldwide, with affordable delivery prices. They cover all accessories which are required of mobile phones such as charger, hands-free and Sim card,s etc. The quality and pricing of eBay can be trusted because they have customers from all over the world. They define their service and customer satisfaction levels properly. 


Swappa is a liked store by many customers. Or we can say the customers who tend to keep changing their phones often, Swappa is for them. This store comes with the best deals on every phone model, and accessories and anything related to phones are available. They have renovated and updated iPhones, free from any defect. For more satisfaction regarding purchasing any product, their website can be viewed.

 Phone Daddy

Phone Daddy is a huge store which amazes customers with upgradation of variety every time you visit the store. They have different collections for all accessories of phones, all gadgets that cover: Google phones, tablets, iPad, Sim cards, iPhone,s etc. They have reasonable prices for all the products apart from discounted prices, they offer customers a 5% discount on their next order with them. 

Trade in Tech

Trade in Tech is the store which provides variety, stock, and brief information also about the trending things going on in the market. They share sources that can benefit people before purchasing any mobile phone, accessorie,s or alternatives like Sim Card,s etc. The major advantage of purchasing a mobile phone from them is you save money on shipping.

Reagan Wireless

Reagan Wireless have multiple iPhone options to select for customers. They give easy delivery options also with fewer delivery charges. The affordability factor is also accommodated at Reagan, and they facilitate their clients to the maximum level they can. It is a recommended store that must be tried for purchasing any iPhone. 

By concluding, here is a recommendation of the store which has been offering discounts and bringing mobile models at affordable prices, 2nd Life Phones.  

Why 2nd Life Phones?

2nd Life phones are the best recommended in the USA in terms of iPhone wholesale suppliers. They just don’t let go of the customer with any defective piece. They buy iPhone in bulk, double-check before selling to the customer which reduces the chance of any spam or negative feedback. The have covered the affordability factor along with accessibility made easy for buyers by giving 90 days return policy with discounts on various models. 

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