Can My Car Accident Claim Get Rejected?

Car Accident

Nobody likes rejection. Anyone who has ever been involved in a car accident can affirm that a car accident can be very traumatizing. After experiencing something like that, a person’s last need is for their car accident claim to get rejected. This is why it is crucial to know why a car accident claim may be rejected so that you are better prepared for the success of your claim. Contact Delventhal Law Office to know more. 


Reasons for a car accident claim getting rejected. 


While every case is different, there are some common reasons for rejecting a car accident claim. The cause for rejection may be: 

  • Damage due to drunk driving 


If the car accident occurred because of DUI (Driving Under the Influence), the person drunk driving is at fault, and their claim would be rejected. 

  • Using a private motor vehicle for commercial purposes 


If a private vehicle is being used commercially and gets damaged, the insurance company may reject the claim. 

  • Negligence 


If it is found that your negligence is the reason for the car accident, then the car accident claim can be rejected by the insurance providers. This can include ignoring traffic lights, breaking traffic laws, parking at a No Parking spot, etc. 

  • Delay in raising the claim 


Most insurance companies have a set period after a car accident within which the policyholder has to raise the car accident claim. If failed to do so, the claim may be rejected. 

  • Not having a valid license. 


If it is found that you did not have a valid Driving Licence when driving the vehicle, then your claim may be rejected. It is essential to always have your driving license with you when driving. 

  • Violating policy terms and conditions 


If you have violated any of your insurance policy’s terms and conditions, then this may also lead to your car accident claim getting rejected.  

  • You are not the owner of the damaged car. 


The insurance company might reject your claim if the accident occurred while you were driving a car not listed under your name. 

  • Driving a modified car 


Making any modifications to the car without informing the insurance company can potentially lead to the rejection of the car accident claim too. 

  • Not complying with the claims process. 


Most insurance companies have a definite process for their car accident claims, and policyholders are expected to follow that process. Not doing so can also lead to rejection. 


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