Choosing a Perfume – Matching Occasions with Fragrances

Choosing a Perfume

Just as visual stimuli have the greatest influence on your conscious mind, olfactory stimuli tend to influence your subconscious and unconscious emotions the most. In other words, the fragrance you use can affect people’s perception of you on a deeper level than even they realise. It’s not a secret, of course, and smart people do use their perfumes intelligently to create the right kind of impressions. So, what are the rules of matching occasions with perfumes? Let’s find out.

Work: Fresh, Subtle, and Long Lasting

Strong perfumes are not only frowned upon at work, but some companies even have official policies against people wearing strong fragrances inside. Therefore, your choice of work perfume must be subtle with fresh and energetic notes. Also, you will probably want to wear something that lasts for at least five to six hours.

Multi-layered perfumes linger on for longer, releasing one note after the other, throughout the many hours. Notes of citrus, pine, and light floral are all good notes to have in a work perfume. Eau de Toilettes (5% – 15%) work best for work, as long as you are careful with the strength of the notes within.

Date: Mysterious and Sensual

There is a lot of flexibility here, as it’s a personal occasion. Also, if you are going out with your partner, there is a high chance that you already know what they prefer. However, if you have only just started dating, or in case it’s your first date, then mysterious and sensual is the way to go.

If you are wondering what that means, check out the range of Molecules perfume from With a strong focus on amber notes, each of their unisex perfumes bring a subtle sense of mysterious sensuality with them. Keep in mind that date perfumes do not need to be as subtle as work scents, but it’s also not a good idea to put on overpowering fragrances on your date nights.

Party: Clean, Strong, Energetic

There are certain similarities between party scents and office perfumes, with one big dissimilarity that puts the two on polar ends. Whereas work perfumes are supposed to be subtle, party scents are meant to be much stronger. Once again, it should not smell overpowering, but the allowance at parties for strong scents is generally much higher.

Also, stronger perfumes are necessary in parties if you have plans to dance that night, without smelling the part! Choose clean and energetic notes that last for long hours. Parfums last the longest and they also tend to carry the strongest concentration of scents (20% – 30%) inside, naturally making them ideal for party nights. Notes of wood, musk, amber, strong florals, and dark chocolate are perfect for parties.

If you are not entirely sure how a particular day out of work will pan out, go for strong woody notes, mixed with hints of coffee and cocoa. As a final tip, be mindful not to spray yourself any more than you must (three to four times) and this rule applies to all occasions form work days to date nights. Over spraying can make even the subtlest of perfumes smell like choking hazards.