Common problems you come across while travelling with expensive jewellery

Common problems you come across while travelling with expensive jewellery

Some of our favourite accessories are jewellery items. We like to wear them often, especially for important occasions. Wearing jewellery not only makes us look good but also increases out our self-confidence. Many of us have been faced with the situation of travelling to a new place with jewellery. Be it for a wedding or a special occasion, travelling with jewellery, especially expensive jewellery can be quite tricky. While you may want to have your favourite jewellery with you when you travel, it can be a hassle if you don’t do it right. Here are a few problems that you may encounter while travelling with jewellery.

You Can Lose Your Jewllery Items

One of the most common problems of travelling with jewellery is that you can lose them. Most jewellery items that we own, such as our engagement rings, diamond tennis bracelet and wedding rings are not only expensive but also have sentimental value attached to them. Therefore, losing them is extremely painful. If you have packed your jewellery inside your check in luggage while travelling, then it is risky because you will lose your jewellery if your bag goes missing. Some airport authorities ask you to open you your bags for security check. You may lose your precious jewellery if you are not careful during this procedure.

Storage Issues

Storage becomes a huge issue when you are travelling. Depending on the place you are going to, you may be travelling light with not much space to spare. Improper storage of jewellery can cause them to get tangled and knotted up. The precious stones might become loose and fall off. The diamonds and stones which are a part of your fine jewellery may get scratched and lose their shine. You may risk breakage of fine jewellery while attempting to de-tangle them. Proper storage of jewellery in individual compartments is advised while packing them for travel purposes.

Wrong Kind of Attention

Another common problem that people encounter when travelling with jewellery is that wearing too much of it may attract the wrong kind of attention. When you are travelling with fine jewellery and showcasing it then your jewellery items may be prone to theft. One meets all kinds of people when you travel and you will never get to know which one is eyeing your jewellery. Sometimes, people might harm you while attempting to steal your jewellery. Therefore, you should be very careful while travelling with jewellery and store is discreetly.

Last but not the least, carrying too much jewellery with you can be confusing. If you are attending a long event for which you might need to change your attire and jewellery every day then it is difficult to keep track of your jewellery items. You might be too tired after an event to store your jewellery properly and more often than not, most people keep their hotel rooms cluttered. In such a scenario, one might lose their expensive jewellery such as emerald engagement rings hatton garden. It is advised that you neatly store you jewellery after you wear it and not keep it on display especially if the housekeeping staff has access to your room.