Configure Settings Of Amplifi Mesh WiFi System Without IP

Amplifi Mesh WIFi system

Nowadays, every home, as well as office, requires internet connectivity. Because all the latest technology devices require network connectivity. If the network connectivity is not available then you cannot use this device. If you wish to buy such a network device that delivers high-speed network connectivity & all devices stay connected. Then you can absolutely install the Amplifi Mesh WIFi system. Because the network connectivity of this network device is stable & all devices stay connected. The important thing about this WiFi system, it comes along with 2 mesh points & 1 screen touch router. The two mesh points are absolutely an option for the whole home. The mesh point of this WIFi system absolutely maximizes the network performance. If the dead zone is there in your home, then this WiFi system accurately kills the dead zone. 

If your Windows 10 device needs a WiFi network then you can easily access network connectivity with this mesh WiFi system. The four Gigabit Ethernet port is placed on the back panel of the router. With this port, you can easily connect the device to the network. If you wish to configure all settings to enhance the wireless network signals then, you can open the web utility and input http //amplifi.lan. This is an official web address, then with this, you can easily configure all settings in a quick manner. 

Some information about the Amplifi Mesh WiFi System

The mesh WiFi system provides high-speed wireless network connectivity in the whole home. For the whole home, the WiFi network is most suitable. If you really wish to connect your device and enjoy a wireless network then you should know all the information about it. The information about this WiFi is as follows:

Touchscreen & full-color display

The Amplifi wireless system comes along with a color & touchscreen display. This display is more useful & helpful. You can easily operate this router without using Ip address & web browser. Some other routers don’t have a full-color display.

Adjustable LED light

The adjustable LED light is also placed on the front panel of the touch-screen router. This LED light provides the status of the device. If the network signal is slow or weak then the LED light status changes. Thus the LED light is truly more useful for the WiFi system. 

Four Gigabit Ethernet port

On the back panel of the touch-screen & color-full display router, the four Gigabit Ethernet port is placed. Thi port is usually more useful for wired devices. If you have a wired device, then this device easily accesses the network connectivity through this network. 

USB port for USB device

The USB port is also placed on the back panel of the Amplifi router. If you have a network-attached storage device, then you can easily connect this device to the network. Thus, the USB port is usually helpful for the USB device. 

Power adapter port 

The power adapter port is also established on the rear panel of the wireless router. Through this port, you can easily provide power to the router. You can connect the power adapter to this port and completely enjoy the wireless network. 

Configure Settings Of Amplifi Mesh WiFi System Without IP

The setting of the WiFi system is most necessary to amplify the wireless network. If you cannot configure the setting then the network signals are not amplified. You can easily configure the WIFi system setting by using the IP address. If you wish to configure the setting of this WiFi system without using an IP address. Then you can easily configure the setting without an IP address. To configure the setting of this device you can follow some given below ways. 

Connect the mobile phone to the WiFi system network

If you wish to configure the setting of this WiFi system without using an IP address then you can easily configure it through a mobile phone. But for this, you should install the amplifi app on your mobile. But before installing the app, you ensure your mobile phone securely connects to the network. If the mobile phone does not connect to the network then you can connect it. You can visit the mobile phone setting and select the network option. Then, you can enter the network password. After that, your mobile phone will connect to the wireless network. 

Install Amplifi app

After connecting the mobile phone to the network connectivity, you can install the Amplifi App.  To install the Amplifi app, you can use the mobile phone camera and scan the QR code. After that, the app is automatically installed on your mobile phone. If you don’t have the QR code then you can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App store and quickly install the app. 

Configure the mesh WiFi system setting

After installing the Amplifi app on your mobile phone, you can log in to the account. Then, you can open the app and accept all terms & conditions. You can visit the homepage of the Amplifi app and add your WiFi system to the app by using the add device option. Then, visit the settings and properly configure all the settings in a quick manner. Thus, with the app, you can easily configure the setting without an IP address. 

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