Crypto Trading Strategies – What You Need To Know

Laptop with Bitcoin chart on-screen among piles of Bitcoin. Bitcoin trading concept. 3D rendering

There are multiple ways to earn from stock market trading and as more people convert most of their assets to cryptocurrency, it has become a quite profitable endeavour. One of the most common ways to try your luck in the world of cryptocurrencies is through crypto trading strategies. These strategies are quite simple, especially for beginners and can be used to increase your profit multiplicatively. The potential is massive, so you will definitely want to consider it when investing in cryptocurrencies. Strategy trading involves buying low and selling high options, which means that you will buy when a particular stock or cryptocurrency is low on price and sell when it has reached its peak price. This gives you the opportunity to earn a profit from your trade. It is advised that you only use strategies with cryptocurrencies.

1. Support and Resistance:


Support and resistance are two of the most common trading strategies found in the market. They are a big help to determine the price range for a particular asset to move. The support refers to a particular price at which the asset will stop going down and become stable. The resistance signifies the highest price that an asset can go to and still be stable. An asset is considered to be in a range when it is above the resistance level but below the support level. The crypto tax strategy is used in order to determine the direction of the prices of an asset. 

2. Cost Averaging:


Cost averaging is one of the trading strategies used in making high risk but high profit investments. It requires buying a particular asset at different price points and letting them sit for long periods. This gives you an opportunity to make more profit on your investment when you finally sell them by offsetting most of your losses incurred during a dip in price. The trick is to minimize the losses by buying low and selling high. You should make sure that you know how much you should spend to buy each item.

3. Technical Analysis: 


The technical analysis is usually applied when trading cryptocurrencies. It uses historical data from the stock market to predict how a particular asset will move in the future. The examples of technical analysis include a chart that shows different time periods of when a particular asset was up and down. It also displays the volume attributable to the asset in each period. A second example is using moving averages which are simply a line for an asset that displays the average price for a given period and also displays how far it has moved from it at any point in time.

4. Candlestick Pattern:


Candlestick pattern is one of the most popular technical analyses used for predicting trends. The candlestick pattern is a graphic display of the price movement of an asset from the beginning to end subsection. It can be thought of as a combination of candlesticks and bars. It uses various tools to classify and categorize the prices for different assets or set ups.


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