Data Science offers a promising career with tremendous opportunities for future advancements. It is an extremely fast-growing field that is gaining strength by leaps and bounds. The demand for certified data scientists is experiencing a surge in recent years and is stipulated to grow at an astounding rate. As per the recent numbers by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of data science and computer information research is predicted to develop at a rate of 22% from 2020-30. That’s clearly three times faster than any other professional field. Adding to that record, by the year 2025, the world will be producing data at a rate of 463 exabytes per day. Isn’t that an astounding insight? With this rise in the data generated across world sectors, it is evident that job opportunities in the field are sure to soar beyond expectation.

It is a well-known fact that; a data scientist is entitled to create programming code and analyze data for actionable insights. Identifying the data-analytics problems that offer great opportunities to the organization, and determining the correct data sets and variables are just a few tasks that an experienced data science professional is entrusted with. Many of you must be stuck in a dilemma while selecting the right data science courseware for your career success. The hustle is pretty much called for when you are faced with a gazillion of choices!

Data science being one of the major domains to prosper in this era, the prerequisites for a lasting data science career demand an informed decision. The current data science trends reveal the fact that it is considered a huge investment if one takes on an undergrad or a graduation degree, or even a data science certification if you’re in a rush and want high returns quickly. You may learn about data science anywhere anytime and as is world-renowned, a bachelors or master’s qualification is not a prerequisite.

Whether you are a new entrant or someone looking for opportunities to switch to a data science role, the best data science certifications are a must-have. These act as a premix version of a data science degree course. To add to this, it elevates your standing in the world job market manifold. Let us understand the key difference between data science degrees or certification courses and how they offer you a level playfield.

It is a professional credential that educates data science aspirants about its fundamentals It is one of the most popular and proficient choices among many options
These are offered by eminent institutions and universities They are offered by designated colleges and universities
Amplify your chances of getting placed in a preferred data science role Offer higher career growth and networking possibilities
Assists in developing your portfolio for the role Amplifies your portfolio
Comes at a fairly low cost Comes at a higher cost
Can be taken anytime anywhere Can be taken onsite
No internship opportunities Comes with internship opportunities


Looking at the above differentiation between data science degrees and data science certification courses, the choice clearly depends on the time you have at your disposal and the resources to commit. Becoming a certified data scientist is made easy with this quick list of the best data science certifications and degree courses that you may gain from:

a) Data Science certifications

  • Google: Professional Data Engineer Certification

This certification builds your capacity in building data-driven solutions using Google Cloud. It imparts skills such as designing data processing systems, operationalizing ML models; and ensuring quality solutions.

  • United States Data Science Institute: Certified Lead Data Scientist (CLDS)

Be a progressive data scientist with one of the most sought-after data science credentials around the world from USDSI. They are a premium international institution offering a career trajectory that’s beyond successful. Virtual sessions, flexible hours of learning, a lifetime digital badge, a self-paced program, and Flexi payment are some of the many features of this certification; which is designed by industry experts and offers an in-depth understanding of Big data, working with data and databases, data analysis lifecycle, advanced Big data analytics, ML and PowerBI.

b) Data Science degree courses

  • UC Berkley Masters in Data Science

Aspirants are sure to gain expertise in key data science skills such as identifying patterns and mining daily data. This course can be cut short to less than 2 years and they also have a part-time option for the same. It helps you make sense of real-world phenomena.

  • John Hopkins Data Science Specialization
    This course helps with learning fundamentals of data science through R programming, along with ML, statistical inference, and exploratory data analysis through R only. But on the flip side, the duration of the course is for 2 years, which eats up a lot of time before you actually land in the industry.

Is an online data science certification enough for a certified data scientist’s role?

As is said, ‘the more, the merrier’. Earning a data science degree or the best data science certification is only going to enhance your chances of getting that data role in your kitty pretty smoothly. So, why hustle, when all you have to do is gain a certification credential land enjoy a flourishing data science career? The moment recruiters see those key data science skills in your portfolio, you are sure to be hired in a wink. So, why shrink your chances by not getting the lifetime digital badge and working your way up in the world of data sciences? Make an informed decision today!