Do Air Purifiers Work? Air Purifier Myths and Facts Debunked

Air Purifiers

In recent times, the quality of air has deteriorated to a great extent both outdoors and indoors. Many researches have proven that the quality of air indoors is five times more polluted than outdoor air. No one would have ever imagined that the indoors, especially homes that we consider as safe havens, could be unsafe with pollutant-laden air. There is not much we can do to combat outdoor air pollution. However, this is not the case indoors, thanks to air purifiers. 

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Yes, air purifiers do work efficiently. Many scientists and health experts recommend using an air purifier indoors so that you can breathe in pure air at least when you are indoors. 

You just have to ensure that you install the right air purifier so that it works effectively. Experts suggest going for purifiers that come integrated with a reliable purification technology like HEPA. HEPA purifiers are known for their high efficiency as they are equipped with three stages of purification. This helps in getting rid of 2.5 PM (Particulate Matter), viruses, bacteria, dust, pollen, and smoke from the room. They can eliminate almost 99.97% of contaminants from the air around them and release fresh and clean air for breathing. 

Secondly, for an air purification system to work efficiently, you have to ensure that you install one that is the right fit for your room size. Check the room size specifications, features, and air purifier price so that you can choose the best for your needs. 

Air Purifier Myths and Facts

Now that you know air purifiers do work efficiently, provided you make the right choice after taking all important factors into account, it’s time to help you debunk the common myths surrounding this appliance. 

Myth 1: Air purifiers are useless.

Fact: Considering the high levels of indoor pollution, air purifiers are capable of creating a clean space in your room. They safeguard you from polluted air and there is no doubt about their effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, just ensure you pick the right purifier. 

Myth 2: You don’t need to replace the air filters.

Fact: This is a widespread myth that air purifiers don’t need filter replacement. However, the fact is that the fundamental working of an air purifier depends on its filter. If you fail to replace it, the efficiency of the appliance reduces and you cannot be assured of clean air in your room. Many people believe in this myth, which is why they think that air purifiers don’t work. With the right purifier and timely replacement of filters, your air purifier can work efficiently for several years. 

Myth 3: You shouldn’t use an air purifier 24/7.

Fact: This is again a myth that needs to be busted. Many people think that leaving an air purifier on 24/7 will make it fail. However, the truth is that you have to leave it on to get rid of impurities as and when they enter the room. 

We hope you have now got a few facts right related to the efficient working of air purifiers. Don’t think twice before investing in one for your home and office cabin. You can also use a car air purifier while on the go so that you can breathe in the fresh air at least at your home, in your office cabin, and in your car.