Eliminate WiFi Dead Zone With PixLink WiFi Repeater

PixLink WiFi Repeater

There are many areas where the network connectivity of access points, cable modems, and wireless routers is not stable. So you cannot stream videos or enjoy gaming consoles in such areas. If you connect your client device with this device then your device gets disconnected and network connectivity is disabled. To resolve the network connectivity, you can use PixLink WiFi repeater with your standard access point, cable modem, & wireless router. This is a wireless range repeater that accurately repeats the network signals. You can easily expand the network connectivity of your traditional device. This repeater is completely compatible with all types of networks such as 802.11ac, 802.11n, 802.11a, 802.11b. You can easily connect your existing device to this device by using the WPS button. 

The network coverage of the wireless range repeater device is more & boosts. You can easily access the wireless network signals of this device in a long-lasting area. The 2 external antennas are built-in on the top that entirely expands the network signals. The WPS button is available on the pix-link wireless-n repeater device. This button allows for making wireless connections without using any cable. 

What is the WiFi dead zone of PixLink WiFi Repeater?

The wireless repeater supports 2.4GHz networks and provides full high speed. With the network connectivity of this device, you can stream 4K videos. You can easily connect your Xbox gaming console and seamlessly enjoy it. But sometimes WiFi dead zones cause a lot of trouble, due to which you are not able to enjoy network connectivity. WiFi dead zones are those areas in which there is no network connectivity. The area of ​​your house where there is no network signal is called the WiFi dead zone. With this zone, you cannot watch stream videos or enjoy network connectivity.

Remarkable ways to Eliminate WiFi Dead Zone With PixLink WiFi Repeater

If you are troubled by WiFi dead spots, due to which you are not able to fully enjoy WiFi network connectivity, then you can solve it. The Pix-link wireless repeater does completely design to eliminate the Wifi empty zone. You can easily remove the dead zone with this repeater. There are some steps to resolve the WiFi dead zone issues. 

Enable 5GHz network

To eliminate the Wifi dead zone, you should verify the wireless setting. Because many times the wireless setting does misconfigure, due to which the network connectivity becomes slow and WiFi empty zones will create. You can use the repeater’s IP address and access the login page. Then, enter the login admin password and securely log in to the account.

You can visit the web management page and select the setting. Under the setting, you can select the wireless setting option. Then, you should verify the wireless channel & network. If the 5GHz network is disabled then you quickly enable it. Also, verify the channel. If the channel will wrong configure then you should configure the correct wireless channel. 

Ensure WiFi router properly connecting to the repeater

Sometimes, your traditional standard WiFi router is not properly connecting to the repeater. If the connection is not correct then the weak signals are not amplified. To get rids of the weak signals in your home you should verify the connection. If the router does not connect to the repeater then you connect it. Sometimes the wireless connection is not correct then your router does not connect. For this, you avoid the wireless connection and apply a wired connection. In the wired connection, you can take an Ethernet cable and securely make the connection. After that the weak & buffering signals are absolutely eliminated. 

Relocate the repeater device position

If you are having trouble with weak signals then you should verify the position. Because sometimes, the position of your repeater is more correct than the weak signals trouble. Many times your repeater places near a hot place due to which it stops working and disturbs the signals. If your wireless repeater places near the heating area then you should modify the position. You can place your wireless N repeater near the cooling area. In the cooling area, your repeater works well and you enjoy seamless network signals. 

Confirm the repeater latest firmware version 

To remove the weak signals in your home, you properly confirm the firmware version of the repeater device. Sometimes the firmware version does outdate then the network connectivity is slow. To verify & upgrade the firmware, you visit myrepeater.net firmware download. Then you should properly verify the firmware version in the proper manner. If the firmware is outdate then you can download the latest firmware in the latest version. After updating the latest version the weak signals automatically get rids and you seamlessly enjoy network connectivity. 

Restart the PixLink WiFi Repeater device

If the weak signals are absolutely trouble then you can easily fix this issue. For this, you can unplug all the wires from the repeater device. After unplugging the wires, you can find the power button. Then, you can pre4ss this button and completely power off the device. After 10-15 minutes, you can again plug the wire from the repeater device. Then, you can press the power button and properly power ON the device. After that, the Wifi dead zone is eliminated. 

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