Employee Monitoring Made Easy With Best Phone Spy App

For the last two months, it has been really difficult to manage the employees by myself. My partner has not joined since they eased the lockdown due to family reasons. He is still remotely working thus all the responsibilities are on my shoulder. And I can tell it is hard and not a one-man job. I know it has been a difficult year for all of us. We have to let go of some of our employees and those who are still here have to manage the workload.

Moreover let’s just confess, nearly one year break made us all a little lazier. We are not ready yet to get a grasp of the old normal routine so almost everyone is struggling to get back to the routine work.

I was not far from just giving up on everything when the higher commands told me that we are going to get special assistance that will ease the burden on all the managers of every branch and will help them manage the employee duties. I was not that hopeful if you ask me that will get anything even closer to what they told us.

But contrary to my expectations, we had a huge surprise. They got us one of the best phone spy apps as employee monitoring for the company-owned device and believe me I haven’t thought of leaving since then. The app does miracles, I can handle most of the things remotely and even the productivity of the employees is getting improved as well.

It is not something strange as the American management association states that

  • 80% of major companies keep a check on internet usage, email, and phone record, etc.

 How an employee monitoring app can make your job easy.

Reports About Excessive Phone Usage In Working Hours:

You can track all those employees remotely who spend way too much time on the phone for personal reasons. The spy app lets the employer visit the screen of the target employee at any given time. It keeps the record of all the activities with date and time thus you can know who is wasting time and who is working.

Know About Type Of Keystrokes Applied On The Gadget:

What makes OgyMogy the best phone spy app is that the offered features are a full package for all kinds of users. It not only lets you check the screen of the target person but keeps the record of every keystroke applied on the target device. You can find out about any notes, secret account IDs and their password, and more. You can simply know about the average keystrokes applied per hour to know about the productivity of the employee remotely.

Detail Knowledge About Installed phone spy app:

Users can check what kind of software or apps are installed in the employee gadget. Find out whether they are work-related or personal. Workplace allotted gadgets are meant for work purposes only if you are saving personal data or installing useless apps in the official gadget then it is not fine at your end.

Work Emails Account Under Monitoring:

Have access to all the received and sent emails and check out the attachment details with the email monitoring feature of the best phone spy app. Track any suspicious activities remotely right on time to stop any destruction.

Track Illegal Sharing Of Confidential Data:

Have ears and eyes on the official instant message chat groups and know about the work-related issues from the employees themselves. Instant messenger chat apps allow media sharing as well. Use the social media monitoring feature to keep a check on the chat apps. Use the best mobile tracker app for android to assure no one tries to illegally share any confidential information or secret audio file through  WhatsApp, Skype, Hangout, Or more.

Make Them On Alert:

Don’t let them think that a personal presence of a manager or assistance is necessary for them to work honestly and sincerely. Use the mic bug and camera bug feature and follow them like shadows inside and outside the workplace. The mic bug feature lets the user listen to surrounding sounds and chat around the target employee. Similarly, a camera bug lets the user capture the target environment by using the front and rear camera of the gadget. Use these features to keep the employees on alert during working hours.

Welcome to The new normal, use OgyMogy the best phone spy app and make your work-life easy and stress-free.