Exclusive Tools To Embed Google Reviews In HTML Website

Google Reviews In HTML

ylyiEAre you looking for the best tools to embed Google Reviews in HTML website? 

As a business owner, you probably know the importance of having a strong online presence. One way to achieve this is by embedding Google reviews on your HTML website. Google reviews provide social proof and help potential customers make informed decisions about your business. 

Think of it this way. 

You have your store all set. And You just want your customers to visit your HTML website and make a deal with you. You can embed a Google review widget HTML website in such a scenario. A Google review widget on your website can help you achieve all the social proof you wish to have. In case you are looking for ways to embed Google reviews in HTML websites, we are here for you. In this blog, we will discuss three different ways or, say, three different tools to embed Google review widget on an HTML website. 

Three Exceptional Tools To Embed Google Reviews On HTML Website 

When showcasing Google reviews on HTML website, there are so many tools that you can seek help from. Have a look at the tools that you can use to embed the Google review widget HTML website. 

a). Tagembed

Tagembed is a social media aggregation and embedding platform that allows users to collect, curate, and display social media content on their website or digital signage. With Tagembed, you can gather content from various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and more, and embed it in one unified social media wall on your website or digital display.

As for Google reviews, Tagembed does support embedding Google reviews on your website. You can collect and curate Google reviews for your business or brand from Google My Business. And display them on your website using Tagembed’s customizable widgets and templates.  You can use the review box or slider widget to make it look more professional and engaging on the website. You can also use the moderation panel to remove the Google reviews you do not feel confident about. This can be useful for businesses looking to showcase their customer feedback and improve their online reputation.

b). Tint 

This is a social media aggregation platform that allows you to collect and display user-generated content from various social media platforms in one place. Tint can aggregate content from social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more, into one customizable stream. Apart from that, you can use Tint to embed the Google review widget on HTML websites. 

 Tint provides a wide range of customization options, including the ability to customize the look and feel of your Tint widget to match your brand’s visual identity. Tint allows you to moderate the content that appears in your stream by using filters, whitelists, and blacklists. You can also manually approve or reject individual posts.

c). Elfsight

Elfsight’s Google reviews widget comes with a range of features to help you showcase your Google reviews on HTML website. Elfsight’s Google Reviews widget is easy to set up and configure. You don’t need coding skills or technical knowledge to add the widget to your website. Eas customize the widget’s design to match your website’s look and feel. You can choose the colors, fonts, and layout best suit your website.

The widget is responsive and mobile-friendly, which means it will look great on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Elfsight’s Google Reviews widget offers different display options, including a grid, list, and slider. You can choose the display option that best fits your website’s design and layout. 

Now that you are fully aware of the three exceptional tools for embedding Google review widget on HTML website. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the Google Review widget on HTML website. 

Key Benefits Of Embedding Google Review On HTML Website 

As a business owner, it’s essential to have an online presence, and one of the most significant factors in establishing trust with potential customers is having a good reputation. One way to showcase your reputation is by embedding Google reviews on your website. Here are some benefits of embedding Google reviews on your website:

#1. Builds trust and credibility: 

Having reviews from Google on your website helps to build trust with potential customers. It shows that your business has a history of delivering quality services or products. Besides, it also helps you prove that people are happy with your offer. This can make potential customers more likely to choose your business over your competitors.

#2. Boosts SEO

Google reviews are an excellent way to boost your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. The more reviews you have, the better your business will rank on Google. Embedding these reviews on your website also helps to increase the amount of user-generated content on your website, which can also help with SEO.

#3. Provides valuable feedback

Google reviews provide valuable feedback for businesses. They give business owners insights into what customers like and dislike about their products or services. This information can be used to make improvements to your business and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.

#4. Increases website engagement

Embedding Google reviews HTML website can increase engagement with your website visitors. People are more likely to read and interact with relevant content, and reviews provide valuable insights into what it’s like to do business with your company.

#5. Saves time and effort

Embedding Google reviews in HTML websites saves time and effort for both you and your customers. Customers can easily access reviews on your website without going to a third-party review site. You also don’t have to spend time manually collecting and adding reviews to your website. 

In A Nutshell 

So, there you have it. You now have the list of the best social media aggregator tools to embed Google reviews in HTML websites. The review widget on your website will act as a brand ambassador for your business even when you are not running a marketing campaign. 

So, get your hands on the review widget, embed Google review widget in HTML website, and see your business grow. 

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