Folding Storage Boxes: Tips, Tricks, and Ideas

custom printed folding boxes
custom printed folding boxes

Look around into any pantry and store, and guess what you are more than likely to find?  

Folding boxes!  

Yes, that’s right! Folding storage boxes can be seen anywhere.  

Folding boxes are your go-to packaging solution for cosmetics, toys, electronics, candles, and books. They have been around for years and show no signs of disappearing due to their durability. The demand for folding cartons is on the upswing! 

According to Grand View Research: 

“The folding packaging market is going to $171.35 billion by 2025.:  

This blog will discuss what are folding storage boxes, what’s the beneficial aspects provided by them, and the design ideas they have! 

Fasten your seat belt! And get ready for a roller coaster ride! 

What Are Folding Storage Boxes?

Folding boxes are also referred to as product boxes manufactured from paperboard. These boxes’ names represent that the packaging can be folded into any preferred shape and glued once the dieline is cut. Folding boxes are cost-efficient and durable packaging suitable for all products and the industry 

Beneficial Aspects Of Folding Storage Boxes

Folding cartons are one of the common packaging in the retail industry. There are multiple advantages of folding storage boxes, some of the following are:

  • Folding boxes come at unexpectedly low prices 
  • They are durable enough to ensure product integrity 
  • Manufactured by considering sustainable approaches in mind 
  • They offer ease of use and provide convenience  
  • Folding boxes offer tons of flexibility  
  • They are easily foldable, which saves space in your stores 
  • Highly light in weight which reduces your shipping costs 
  • Help in building healthy relationships with consumers 
  • Helpful in brand building  

folding gift boxes

Styling Ideas For Folding Storage Boxes 

Focusing on styling ideas for paper folding boxes can help you retain customers! To get your creative juices flowing, here is the compiled list of styling ideas that could be included in a packaging design to make your products outshine on retail shelves. 

Let’s explore! 

  • Reverse Tuck End Boxes

Reverse tuck end boxes are one of the most popular folding packaging types. These custom boxes have tuck flaps or closing panels in opposite directions. One flap is on the front side, and the other is on the back. They are easily foldable, lightweight, and highly affordable packaging options.  

  • Straight Tuck End Boxes

The most popular kind of folding box is this one. It can use to pack many different products. Both sides of these boxes have tuck-end closures. Straight-tuck boxes can fold quickly and help you save more time. 

  • Snap-Lock Bottom Boxes

Snaplock bottom folding storage boxes are stored for the packing of heavy products. The bottom snap locks offer strength and longevity. The box’s flap comes together at the bottom to ensure a secure seal. 

  • Top-Tuck Boxes

What you would imagine as a cake box is a top tuck box, but they’re not just for cakes. Instead, these boxes provide a unique way to display various little or other light objects, such as clothing. You might even include a small window in your top tuck boxes so your clients can view what’s within. 

Aesthetic Ideas For Folding Storage Boxes 

Let’s jump to the aesthetic appeal of folding gift boxes, which is the major contributor to gaining customer loyalty.  

  • A Pop Of Colors

Color combination scheme plays an integral role in improving the visual gaze of packaging. A fascinating color makes your boxes memorable and associates it with your brand. Therefore, it’s essential to be strict with your marketing campaign while selecting the colors.  

  • Typography

Use a font that complements the look and feel of your company. Avoid using plain, conservative font if you want to convey playfulness. 

  • Shapes

You’re not limited to cubes when using folding storage boxes. For example, look at Toblerone, a famous Swiss chocolate maker. By looking at the packaging alone, there’s a good chance you’d know the renowned chocolate bar. 

Wrap Up!

Custom folding cartons manufacture with multiple functional and aesthetic ideas to make them highly appealing to consumers. These custom boxes are easily assemblable and pack various products from various industries. A brand can get multiple advantages from these boxes as they act as a shining star to improve the affluence of your brand!