Here Is What You Need To Know About Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Despite recent advances in marijuana legalization in Virginia, including the elimination of penalties for personal possession and cultivation, drug defense remains a crucial aspect of criminal defense in Fairfax and the rest of the state. The sale, distribution, and possession with intent to distribute marijuana are still illegal in Virginia.

It is important to remember that these changes in marijuana laws do not affect the criminalization of other drugs in the state.

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Near Fairfax Courthouse

Medical marijuana is now available in two locations near Fairfax County. This summer, a medical marijuana dispensary will open just a mile from the county courthouse. The dispensary, located in a former drug store building, is part of a well-funded company operating in several states. Its cannabis stock will be sourced from a facility in a neighboring county where the product is grown and processed.

The remaining authorized medical marijuana distributors in Virginia appear to be financially stable, highlighting that legalizing marijuana is not just about stereotypical stoners working in a smoke-filled environment but rather about serving civil liberties, profitability, and increasing tax revenue for the government to operate. You can also visit there for your Medical Marijuana Certification Renewal.

Easy Access to Virginia Medical Marijuana

Searching for a Virginia medical marijuana card and where to go for your Medical Marijuana Certification Renewal on Google reveals several options, including consultation centers. The Virginia Department of Health Professions website states that a patient assessment for obtaining a medical marijuana card can be done through telemedicine. The card can be issued by a licensed practitioner of medicine, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner.

The purchasing experience at the upcoming Fairfax recreational dispensary is reported to be sterile. Orders are placed on a computer app with a pharmacist on site. There is no interaction with a “budtender” to choose from the various cannabis products available, including flower/bud, vape, edible, and concentrate.

Drug Defense Strategies: What to Expect

Facing a drug charge can be frightening, but with the right knowledge and preparation, you can defend yourself successfully. Knowing what defense strategies are available and how they may work in your favor is important. Here we will discuss the potential strategies used to defend drug charges and what you can expect when using them.

Drug defense strategies vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case and the type of drug charge being faced. Some common methods include challenging evidence, arguing an entrapment defense, or making motions to suppress illegally obtained evidence or statements taken without Miranda rights. There are also mitigating factors that could reduce your sentence if convicted, such as lack of criminal history, treatment for addiction, or plans for rehabilitation services after release from custody.

Is it advisable to use cannabis products simply because they are legal for personal use in Virginia?

The same question can be asked about alcohol. I strongly support legalizing marijuana and reducing the criminalization of other drugs, not to create a society filled with marijuana odor, but to protect civil liberties and address the over-policed, over-incarcerated, and over-criminalized legal system that I frequently witness as a Fairfax drug and criminal defense lawyer. 


The best defense strategy for a drug charge depends on the circumstances surrounding the arrest and the evidence collected by law enforcement. If you are facing a drug charge, it is important to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the complexities of these cases and can develop a customized defense plan based on your situation. An experienced attorney can help protect your rights, review evidence, and ensure you receive the most favorable outcome.