Here is Why ITSPs Should Offer IP PBX Solutions to Customers

From a narrow perspective, ITSPs usually provide only internet connectivity. However, the definition has broadened and ITSPs can do a lot more beyond this such as providing IP PBX telephony solutions to existing customers with the right multi-tenant IP PBX software at their command. 

Infrastructure for IP PBX is already in place

ITSPs usually have the IP PBX-ready infrastructure in place. The usual components such as VoIP server, gateways, routers, switches, SMPP software, web portal for customer management, software such as SBC, and softswitches are in place along with the capability to handle SIP, MGCP, Megaco, RTP, SDP, and the older H.323. So what is stopping you from using this infrastructure to generate more revenues? You could consider offering IP PBX services to your existing customers and attract new ones with this service. The multi-tenant IP PBX software is just perfect for ITSPs. Next, link with a VoIP and PSTN carrier and you are all set to go. 

What will multi-tenant IP PBX software do for you?

VoIP is quite commonplace. Business is adapting to it in droves with the market expected to exceed $ 194 billion by 2024. Even homeowners use VoIP for calls and telephony is a prime necessity for everyone. The multi-tenant IP PBX software helps you to capture this market with substantially minimum effort. The IP PBX software, in a manner of speaking, piggybacks on the existing infrastructure to generate additional revenue for little investment. 

Hundreds of customers and sub-customers 

One can already see question marks such as how does an ITSP allocate resources and manage hundreds of customers, keeping each one distinct? The answer lies in the multi-tenancy feature. This is the key to offering IP PBX as a service. Multi-tenancy can be explained by pointing to a tree-branch structure. You are the base as the ITSP. Each customer becomes a tenant. You can define service levels, set permissions, and rates and allocate resources to each client based on their need. If you have a larger client that has branches in several locations and wishes to keep each branch location’s operations distinct then the multi-tenancy feature kicks in. The big client is your chief tenant. Their branches are the sub-tenants or sub-customers. You do not handle their sub-tenants; they do, with full freedom to assign rights, permissions, and rates, same as you do to the main client. You appoint resellers who, in turn, can promote their brand using your IP PBX and build up hundreds of sub-tenants. In time you could have global operations comprising of millions of customers. The more customers and sub-customers you have, the more you earn and the more competitive you can become. 

Flexible billing

The white label multi-tenant IP PBX lets you create your brand value. You have full freedom to pick currency, set rates for each user and rental as well as usage charges. Usage can be further split into rates based on usage of specific modules of the IP PBX. For instance, your IP PBX software includes IVR, SMS, voicemail and conferencing to name a few. These are sources for value addition. 

The complete picture

You get a complete eagle’s eye view of your operations through the dashboard that also serves as the control panel to set up and manage accounts. Then you have data analytics and reports to give you the complete picture and take timely action when and where needed. 

Choosing the right IP PBX software provider

It is not something you buy, fit, and forgets. For the IP PBX software to work it needs perfect SIP setup to enable seamless call experience to standard PSTN lines anywhere besides VoIP-based telephony, SMS, and media. You could face issues during setup and more during operations as users come up against different SIP message types due to different flavors of SIP in use. IP PBX developers know of these compatibility issues and provide full support in implementation since it is more than likely they have tested their software for all such issues. Should customers make use of SIP phones then the software should provide support for all brands. Another matter to tackle is to set up arrangements with bulk telecom carriers. You may not be familiar with negotiations and the technical side. In this case, your IP PBX software provider, if they are into the development of softswitches and SBCs, should be able to provide guidance or even assistance to get this side of the IP PBX services settled in the best way. Number porting is another matter to keep in sight and assure your customers so that they can migrate to your service with confidence. 

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You can get multi-tenant IP PBX software from any vendor but what is more important is support to help you implement it, support to resolve teething problems, and ongoing support to help you fly and you will once you have a full-fledged flawless solution in place. 

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