Hoverboard: the new passion of adults and children

Self-balancing scooters, better known as hoverboard are having a very successful season. Practical, fun, simple to use, they are much desired by adults and children. For adults it can be a good solution for short journeys in the city and for children it is the playful moment par excellence, the first time they drive a means of transport. These nice electrical devices also have the precious advantage of being absolutely ecological.

Let’s get to know hoverboards better
The hoverboard is an electric transport device made up of two platforms jointed together and anchored to two wheels. The journey takes place through the oscillation of the feet that press on the sensors applied to the motor which, by detecting the movement, transfer it to the gyroscope. Typically hoverboards have two 250W motors. The battery is lithium and has an autonomy of about 20km.

As for the weight, it does not exceed 10kg. There are different types of hoverboards on the market with different technical characteristics. An electric device can reach a maximum speed of 10/12 km per hour with a load not exceeding 90kg.

Before buying a hoverboard it is good to evaluate your needs and then choose the model. It is important to compare different products to evaluate their different characteristics. On it is possible to find a wide selection of high quality hoverboards and also valid advice and suggestions to make the best choice.
Hoverboards for kids
For children, the hoverboard is one of the most desired gifts. It represents the thrill of driving for the first time, feeling autonomous and in command. Electric devices for children are made in a safe way and with the needs of the little ones in mind. Very cheerful and colorful, they reach a lower maximum speed than hoverboards for adults and are often also musical.

The main feature of hoverboards dedicated to children is that they are obviously lighter and go at reduced speeds. Much easier to drive, some models also have handlebars to make walking easier.

The design of electrical devices for the little ones takes into account their needs with great use of colored LED lights. The presence of Bluetooth and the smartphone application is in great demand among the youngest. In practice, the hoverboards for the little ones do not differ much from those for the older ones but in addition they present great attention to safety standards for the absolute tranquility of mum and dad.

History of hoverboards
The hoverboard is a Chinese invention . The first to claim the patent was the entrepreneur Shane Chen with his prototype on Kickstarter in 2013. This was followed by a flourishing of companies that presented their own models, and then American companies.

Although it is a relatively recent invention, hoverboards have depopulated the world market thanks to their unique characteristics of individual mobility . Arrived on world markets at the right time, when we began to look for alternatives to the use of cars and vehicles that would guarantee a new way of experiencing mobility.

Hovernoards are the right compromise between a means of enjoying your free time in relaxation and an alternative means of transport for navigating city traffic. Since 2013 when the first prototype appeared, hoverboards have refined themselves more and more until they become authentic technological jewels.

If you are wondering why buy hoverboard the answer is in the above: they represent the future of mobility . They are non-polluting means of transport, simple to use, suitable for experiencing the chaos of the city without stress. It is important to choose models that guarantee high safety and to adopt a responsible driving style that does not endanger yourself or others. They are also certainly among the cheapest means of transport currently on the market. Here are the real reasons that have made hoverboards so popular and have decreed their progressive success.