How Long are 18 Inches of Body Wave Hair?

18 Inches of Body Wave Hair

Hair is a crucial part of every woman’s life. It determines your appearance, looks, styling sense, and sometimes your day. You like your hair in different lengths, but sometimes it’s challenging to measure them. Your hair can be straight, wavy, or curly. The length of each type of hair will vary. It is indeed problematic for wavy or curly hair people to predict the length of their hair. For these people, 18 inches of body wave hair is neither too short nor too long. But how long is 18 inches of body wave hairYou can know all about it in this article.

What exactly are 18 inches of body wave hair?

You may have wavy hair, and now you are wondering what lengths are 18 inches. For curly hair, 18 inches is equal to 40 cm. Your hair will rest below your shoulders, in the middle of the armpit level. It is a moderate hair length that can be opted for any face type. Hair length enhances your overall appearance, and thus, you can go for this length for any type of hair. Remember, for curly hair 18 inches will shorten up to shoulder length.

How much time does it take to grow your hair to 18 inches?

Healthy hair growth is around 1.5-2 cm, provided you have a healthy lifestyle. Stress levels and poor diet can affect the growth of your hair. In case you are struggling with hair growth, you need to make some changes in your life. Other than that, you can take essential supplements and intake natural ingredients that promote hair growth. You can also opt for sulfur-free shampoo and organic hair oil massages to help with your hair loss.

What are the other options if you want long hair?

Maybe, you are trying hard to grow your hair but don’t have much time to wait for natural growth. Hair extensions are a great option for an instant solution. The specificity of length is essential for buying extensions. Now, you can expect the length of body wave hair inches and how it would look. The extensions are of all kinds, such as clip, sew, and tape extensions. Clipping the extensions gives you the flexibility to alter the length. It is more suitable for a special occasion. The sew-in extensions are a permanent solution and cannot be removed by yourself. You will need a professional to sew the extensions or when you need to take them out.

What else do you need to know about extension care?

Like your natural hair, extensions also need similar care. To keep them in the best shape, brush your extensions and use appropriate shampoos. After every use, you need to preserve these extensions and restore them extensions at regular intervals. You get many options to experiment with a hairstyle with extensions.

Now, you know about the measure of 18 inches of body wave hair. You can go for natural growth or extensions, depending on your need.