How long is 1,000 words in pages?

how many pages is 1000 words

You may have heard from your teacher or instructor to write an essay of 1000 words or sometimes more. But the question arises, how many pages are those 1000 words? We are here to help you with this and answer your question keeping in mind all the factors that should be kept in mind like spacing, font size, font style, margin etc.

Page count for 1000 words:

The answer to the word count question depends a lot on the fact that you are either typing or writing those 1000 words. It is better to rely on type word page count but if you also want to know how many pages will be required for 1000 handwritten words then keep reading this article.

Typed words:

The text format that is commonly used is Times New Roman font style and double-spaced with a font size of 12 points. An essay of 1000 words will be typed on 4 pages with these credentials. Also, a person with an average speed of 40 words per minute will take about 30 minutes to complete.

On the other hand, if you are asked to write an essay with a break. With line spacing of 1.5, this article will take three pages to complete. This calculation is made assuming that a standard, double-spaced page contains 250 words.

Handwritten words:

There is always a difference in the writing of two different people. However, a handwritten word is twice as large as a typed word in a font size of 12 points. Handwritten words are single-spaced but are equivalent to typed double-spaced words that are 1000 words on 4 pages.

Format Factors:

As mentioned above, the number of pages depends on the factors that apply to typing the article. These factors include word size, spacing whether single spaced or double spaced, margins etc.


Writing an article with different font styles and different font sizes can affect the number of pages when writing an article. This is one of the reasons why teachers ask to write an essay by word count instead of page count. This is because the number of pages can be faked by changing the margins and font size.


After you’ve worked out your font size and style, it’s time to look at your margins. According to standard margin setting requirements, this is 1 inch all around the page. Increasing the margin limit can also increase the page limit to complete 1000 words but for best and uniform finish, you should put 1 inch margin on your page.

With the help of the above number you can check how many words can be written per page. However, not only can font size and margins increase the number of pages, some font styles also allow you to put some extra space between words.