How Many SAT Practice Tests Should I Take?

As an SAT student, it is easy to find yourself wondering how many SAT practice test to take. Many students do not really know which one to take and how many to take, leaving them in confusion and assumptions. This is because most high schoolers are not sure of the full length of the practice test required to fully prepare for the real SAT. Since it is important to have a high SAT score for your college admissions, it is important that you take every step necessary to help you effectively prepare for your SAT.

In this blog, we will discuss the different ACT practice test that needs to be incorporated into your study plan. This will ensure that you are ready and that you have the most reliable practice tests to take.

​​How many SAT practice tests are available

Generally, there are about eight official SAT practice tests with a free full-length practice that can be downloaded. There are also several unofficial ACT practice tests that are being offered by test prep companies. However, compared to what is seen in official tests, the value of these unofficial tests is often questionable because of the following reasons

1. They are the most accurate

Most official SAT practice tests are actually provided in a format, structure, context, and difficulty of the real test. More often, some of these tests are not even up to half of them are retired real tests that will no longer be administered to students. This means that an official test is designed in a similar way as the real SAT, thereby giving you a glimpse of what to expect on D-Day. Now you have access to the most accurate and realistic SAT model there is.

2. They can skew your score

By taking official tests, you have access to the most accurate view of what your SAT score could be currently and your current abilities. Moreover, relying on other full-length practice tests to be as accurate as official tests will actually give you a false impression of your current SAT score. Taking sim tests from different companies will give you a distorted view of your score trajectory.

3. It is different from full length tests 

Just in case you are really wondering if official tests are the most realistic or whether practicing an SAT with only questions from an official practice test is important. The truth remains that full-length practice tests are just a part of the ACT practice test you really need to prepare for the day.

The number of SAT practice tests you should take

Just as we discussed previously, students should prepare for their SAT to allow them time to take all eight official SAT practice tests. However, eight full-length tests sound like a lot; with a sensible study plan, you do not want to cram all the tests even to the last minute. Rather this will help you space them out and take strategic points in preparing for it. 

Below we will discuss three major purposes of these full-length official tests necessary to help you make sure that you’re ready to hit your dream score on the day of the test. These purposes include the following;

1. To assess your current score accurately

There are actually numerous points in your SAT prep test you will need to accurately assess your current score in SAT. The first point takes place at the very beginning of your prep. Here you will need a full-length practice test to get the SAT baseline score even before you commence your SAT study. 

If you are really wondering why this is essential to help you start your prep, it is because you don’t actually know how long your beginning score is from your score goal. This, however, gives you a realistic sense of the time and effort you ought to put into reaching your goal. This is a better option than going through the whole process without knowing your finishing line. 

The next point usually happens in the final stage of your SAT prep. Here you will need to closely assess how your study efforts got you to your score goal. At this point, you will be hitting your score goal consistently during the ACT practice test before sitting for the real deal. Now you can walk into the test room confident, ready, and without feeling nervous.

2. To provide you with the test day experience 

As soon as you master the SAT content, the best step is to be comfortable and skilled with the process of taking the real SAT test. With eight official SAT practice tests, you have the opportunity to build your physical and mental stamina while diminishing anxiety significantly


Since the full-length practice tests are extremely different from the practice SAT quizzes, questions and diagnostics are necessary to help you complete your part of the overall test prep plan. With the above-mentioned, Individual practice test questions, practice sets, and other targeted practice are important in building mastery of specific SAT skills, concepts, and question types.