How Often Should You Check Security Cameras?

Security Cameras

As the number of crimes is growing at an exponential rate, having a home surveillance system has become really important. Fortunately, people are slowly becoming aware of this fact. And with different brands offering attractive deals such as Vivint security packages, people have started to secure their offices, shops, and even houses with security cameras. After all, it helps to keep an eye on unauthorized activities. Therefore, if you own a property or a store then installing a security camera is the basic thing that you can do in order to safeguard your asset.

Over the years, the popularity of security cameras as a safety tool has soared. Today, there are many facilities that have multiple security cameras installed which they use to monitor each and every activity around the space. If you step into such an area that is heavily surveilled, there are chances of you feeling a bit overwhelmed. And then you may wonder how often are security cameras checked? Or if there is a need for security personnel to monitor them or is everything automated? Well, if you want to know the answers to both questions then read on!

Security Cameras: How Often Are They Checked?

This is probably one of the most common questions that people think about when it comes to maintaining a security camera. Well, the answer is dependent on the type of place you are talking about. Mostly, people wonder about this by having places like stores and homes in mind. With that said, let’s have a look at the parts of the security camera that you should check.

#1. Power Source

This is something that you have to check in a security camera system regularly. You will have to be even more careful if it is a battery-powered unit. There are some security surveillance experts who recommend checking the batteries of your camera units after every six months. If the units are old, then it is advisable to inspect them after every three months.

#2. Camera Units

Apart from examining the power source, you should have a look at the camera unit itself. You should check if whether or not the mounting system has become loose. If it has then you will be required to fix it. Also, don’t forget to check the camera lenses for any debris or dirt. You must make sure to clean it properly so that you may not experience any blurriness in the video footage. It is advisable to check your camera units after every two or three months.

#3. Sensors & DVR

If you have special sensors installed on your security cameras then you must check them after every few months. You should consider inspecting them on the premises. It will give you an idea of how efficiently they are performing. If you have installed multiple cameras installed in your facility then it is necessary for you to check the DVR once in a while. But how? Well, firstly check if DVR is connected to the camera properly. You can then see if your fiber or ethernet connection is smooth.

How to Maintain Security Cameras

If your area has any security issues then a security camera is your best friend. However, if you want to get the most from your surveillance camera then you must make sure to do the regular maintenance of the gadget. And here are some ways that can help you do that:

#1. Cleaning the Lens of Your Camera

It is important for you to clean the lens of your camera properly. This will help make the footage clearer and sharper, allowing you to monitor your area quite easily.

#2. Checking the Connections

Make it a habit of yours to check the connection that is connecting the monitors or the DVR with the camera. If you notice that there’s a tear in the wire then call a professional to take care of the problem.

#3. Inspecting the Mounts

This cannot be stressed enough. You have to make sure that the camera’s mounting system is perfect because if not, the device could fall and damage itself. Therefore, it is necessary for you to see if the bolts and screws are in fine condition to hold the camera or not.

#4. Examining the Positions

After you have mounted the camera, you should know that its position can easily get messed up due to wind or a loose screw. Hence, do check the position of the device and see it still captures the landscape in the frame. If not then mount the camera in the right position again.


Having a security surveillance system in place can help you secure your place in a better way. A Vivint security camera can help. It will allow you to monitor the area with great ease. If you want to get maximum output from the device then it is suggested to do its regular maintenance by following the above-mentioned ways. And your camera shall continue to work without any issues.

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