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Hybrid events

In just one year, things have changed a lot. And the obvious reason for this is the pandemic. It has affected not only people’s personal life but also a professional ones. Human activities were curbed because of health reasons. And it meant that people cannot continue to meet physically. Also, one cannot host a physical or live event. It has negatively affected many industries around the world. Many industries rely on events like virtual conferences, trade shows and exhibitions. This helps the brands to introduce their new product to the world. While consumers get a chance to explore new products and services. And the industry analysts can identify the latest trends in the industry. All this is true for the Real Estate industry also. In this article know about how virtual/hybrid event benefit from the Real Estate industry.

Every year the Real Estate Industry hosts lots of property shows around the world. These shows provide real estate agents with a platform to meet and interact with potential customers. Whereas people who want to buy or invest in the property get various options to explore under one roof. Hence, it is helpful for both brands and customers. However, with the outbreak of the pandemic, all such events were cancelled. Or got postponed for an indefinite period. But the world quickly shifted to virtual events to continue things that they were doing in the physical world. And many industries adjusted to this new world. Therefore, the Real Estate industry should also need to shift to virtual/hybrid events.

Reasons for the Real Estate industry to host virtual/hybrid events

Just like other industries, the Real Industry can also shift its events to online space. And can get benefits of hosting virtual/Hybrid events. In fact, many Real Estate brands have already hosted Virtual Property Shows. So let’s see why the Real Estate industry should shift to virtual/hybrid events.

  1. More convenience to the customer

One of the most significant benefits of hosting a virtual/Hybrid event is attending the event from any location. Customers from anywhere can attend the event. They don’t have to worry about travelling and accommodation. And especially in situations like these when people are avoiding travelling.  Apart from this, the customer can enjoy the event from the comfort of their home. And they don’t need to navigate through the crowded spaces like they used to do in a physical event. However, customers can also attend an event in person in case of hybrid events.

  1. Easy to host events

Initially, many event organisers felt that hosting a virtual event was difficult. But when they became familiar with the virtual event technology, their mindset changed. And they realised that hosting a virtual event is much easier than a physical event. One needs to get the right virtual event platform to host a successful virtual event. And you don’t have to worry about other arrangements like the set-up at the venue and so on. This makes hosting a virtual event a much more relaxing experience in comparison to their physical counterpart. And hosting a hybrid event is like adding a virtual event to a live event.

  1. Cost-effective event

Virtual events are much more affordable to host. You can avoid expenses like booking a venue, travelling and accommodation. And you only have to invest in an event platform and equipment like a camera and microphone. This makes virtual events a higher value for money event. In the case of a Hybrid event, you can reduce your expenses by shifting a large section of your event to digital space. And host a small portion of the audience physically. It will help you to reduce your expenses for things like the venue and other related arrangements.

  1. Host people from worldwide

You can take your event to the world by shifting to virtual/Hybrid events. Since the audience is digital in both types of events, they can attend the event from any part of the world. In other words, you can overcome any geographical barrier. And can make your event accessible to people around the globe. So you always have the option to host an international audience. But don’t forget to mention the time of the event according to the respective time zones.

  1. Broader audience in your event

There are many challenges that people face while planning to attend the event. And the most significant challenges are the time and cost required for travelling. Some people cannot afford to travel to the event venue. While others don’t have the time to travel to the event venue. However, with the virtual and Hybrid events, these challenges become irrelevant. Hence, you can host more people at your event. These are some benefits of hosting a virtual event and hybrid event that the Real Estate industry can avail. But how can one make their Virtual/Hybrid event more effective? Let’s see.

How to create an impactful Virtual/Hybrid event

To make your virtual/hybrid real estate event more effective, you need to provide features and services for a better attendee experience. Here are some crucial things that will affect the user experience.

  1. Interface based features

The attendees at your event are going to interact with the interface of the event platform. This makes it the most crucial thing in the event. And for a rich experience, the interface has to be mesmerising. A 3-D interface will take things to the next level. Apart from this, the interface needs to be fast, responsive and easy to navigate. Otherwise, the attendees won’t have a good experience.

  1. Features for exhibitors

Exhibitors are an essential part of events like a property show. So you should provide as many features to exhibitors as you can. It will help the exhibitors to make their booth attractive. And help them in standing out from the crowd. Some of the most desirable features are DIY Booth, Digital Briefcase and Business Card exchange. These features and tools will facilitate the communication and transaction between exhibitors and attendees.

  1. Audience Engagement features

Apart from the platform, you need to engage with the attendees to provide them with an exciting experience. It will make your event more interactive or dynamic. And will keep the audience busy. Some popular audience engagement techniques are Gamification, social wall, Leaderboard, AR Photobooth and so on.

  1. Networking Tools

To get the best results from your event, you need to promote networking at your event. So offer various networking tools. It will help the exhibitors to connect with potential customers. And hence they can have a higher chance of completing deals with the attendees at the event. Here are some great networking tools – AI Matchmaking, B2B Meeting Scheduler, Networking lounges and live chats.

  1. Using event Analytics

Another advantage of switching to hybrid/virtual events is access to live analytics. But what is analytics? And why are they so important? Analytics means the data of the event. This data includes the number of attendees at the event, visitors at a particular booth and so on. And the most impressive thing is that you can get all this information in real-time. This data can be used to determine the performance of the event. And hence you can make necessary improvements to achieve higher results in the next event.

These features and tools will make your virtual/hybrid event much more effective. And you will get higher results.


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