How to Change Netgear Router Settings Via

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If you are wondering how to change the password, network name, and WiFi channel of your Netgear router, then it’s quite simple – access router login. Not just that, by accessing, you can also tweak other settings of your wireless router.

By the time you’re done going through this article, you’ll get familiar with how to change different settings of your Netgear WiFi router. So, without wasting any more time, read on.

Here’s How to Change the Settings of Your Netgear Router

1. Change the Default Password

Today where no WiFi network is safe from hackers, you’ve got to secure yours. Or else, it won’t take much time for unauthorized users to sweep right under your nose and hack your wireless network. To prevent that from happening, it is recommended that you change the default password of your WiFi device.

Walkthrough the instructions mentioned below to change the password of your device:

  • Make sure that your Netgear WiFi router is well connected to the modem.

  • Open a web browser on your laptop.

  • Access and enter the default admin details of your router.

  • Clicking on the login button will take you to the Netgear Genie smart setup wizard.

  • Go to Settings > Wireless Settings.

  • Enter the new password that you want your Netgear WiFi router to have.

  • Click on the Apply option and let your changes get saved.

If you follow these instructions carefully, nothing is gonna stop you from securing the network of your Netgear WiFi router.

2. Hide the Network Name

What is the first thing that invites hackers to your home network? The network name. The network name of your home network is visible to everyone if not hidden. Thus, you must hide it if you want your wireless network to be safe and sound.

Mentioned below are the steps that’ll help you disabling your network name:

  • Grab an Ethernet cable and connect your router and the existing modem.

  • Switch on your laptop and open Google Chrome or any other web browser.

  • Visit Netgear router login page and fill in the default username and password.

  • Hit Log In.

  • Click on the Wireless option under the BASIC tab.

  • Uncheck the Enable SSID Broadcast box and click on the Apply button.

In this manner, the network name of your Netgear WiFi router will get hidden, protecting it from the eyes of people who aren’t welcomed to access it.

3. Change the WiFi Channel

If there’s too much traffic on the channel you are using, then you’ll end up being dissatisfied with the working of your Netgear router. But, worry not! We won’t let that happen! To resolve the issue, it is recommended that you switch to a different wireless channel.

Here are the guidelines that you need to go through to connect your router to another WiFi channel:

  • Open up a new tab on the web browser.

  • Login to your Netgear WiFi router using router login credentials.

  • Once the Basic Home screen appears, click on Wireless Settings and go to the Region menu.

  • Select your Region and click on the Channel that you want to switch to.

For example, if you were earlier connected to 2.4 GHz, then switch to 5 GHz now.

The Bottom Line

This was all about how to change the password, network name, and WiFI channel of your Netgear router. If you want to explore or change any other setting of your device, then it is recommended that you refer to the user manual.

Starting from how to create a guest network to how to set a static IP, you’ll find everthing in the user manual that came along with your Netgear router.