How to fix Printer Spooler Error with Easy Steps

A printer spooler is a very crucial process that manages print jobs and users. It permits the user to take his printouts. Without a print spooler, users can’t take the printouts. But this spooler gets into an error very often. Whenever the spooler stops working, you should inspect it for possible reasons. 

Reasons behind Printer Spooler Error

  1. Paper jamming
  2. The printer is unable to get the driver
  3. Invaild print command
  4. Cartridge error
  5. The printhead is not working

Resolving Printer Spooler Error:

Run Services

Whenever the print spooler shows you the error, go to the services. The error can occur when the services get into some error and stop working. You should go to the services tab and restart them.

  1. Close all applications on the system
  2. Tap on the Start button and search for administrative tools
  3. Users will see lots of names
  4. Click on the Services option
  5. Now select the Print Spooler and hit on Stop option
  6. Go to your C drive and select the Windows folder
  7. Click on System 32 folder and hit on Spool
  8. Tap on Printers and now remove all the print jobs
  9. Again, go to the services folder and then tap on Services

Search for Print Spooler and hit the Start button. After restarting the print spooler, go to the document and try to take the printout.

Update your Printer Driver

Without a running driver, your printer won’t work. When the printer is not responding Mac, check for the driver. If some files of the driver are not working then you should repair them. Open the driver files and check for the corrupted files. Users can’t repair the corrupted driver files without technical knowledge. You can search for a driver repair tool that can fix all the drivers on the system. If you don’t want to install the repair tool then try reinstallation. Remove the corrupted printer driver software from the system. Go to the web and install a new driver. Now your spooler will start running and you can take the printouts.

Paper Jamming

A paper jam can also lead to spooler error. New printer models barely face this error. But if you are using an old printer or DMP then getting a paper jam is quite common. When the printer spooler stops, immediately check your roller. Now, you should clean the printer and remove all the dust. Also, check the moisture on pages as the roller can’t draw the pages correctly if the pages have moisture.

Run your Printer Troubleshooter

Running the troubleshooter can help in fixing the spooler. When your spooler is not working due to some conflicting files then you should run the troubleshooter

  1. Close the print error wizard and tap on settings 
  2. Click on the Update and Security tab
  3. Select the Troubleshoot option

Choose Printer and hit the Run button. The printer troubleshooter will start running on the system. After running the troubleshooter, open a document to take your printout.

Check the Ink Cartridge

Sometimes your spooler shows an error when it can’t find the ink. The ink drums show the ink level but the printer can’t fetch it. This error occurs when the ink inside the drum gets dried up. When you are using the printer after a long time, the ink inside the drum may get dried up. You need to refill the new ink on the ink drum. Users can also try adding the solvent to the ink drum. Once the ink gets better, you can take the printouts easily. 

Clean the Printhead

Printhead cleaning is necessary to run the printer smoothly. Dry ink clogs the printhead and it starts showing the error. Users can run the cleaning tool from the utility. Go to the printer software and you will find the utility tool. Run the cleaning tool 2-3 times and then your printhead will get cleaned. Users can clean the printhead manually by using a clean cloth and alcohol-based cleaner. After cleaning it, go to the PC and try running the printer spooler.

Check the Printing Document

Users can also get this error when they are trying to print invalid documents. Some types of files are restricted. Those files are secure and the user can’t take their printouts until he gets permission. Check the file extension and take the printout of a valid document. 

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