How to Increase the Growth of Your Eyelashes Without Extensions

How to Increase the Growth of Your Eyelashes Without Extensions
How to Increase the Growth of Your Eyelashes Without Extensions

We can only fantasise about having thick, long eyelashes. This appearance creates with various items, including mascara, fake lashes, and lash extensions. The main drawback with these products is that they only have a fleeting impact. Women are currently researching innovative techniques for naturally growing eyelashes.

Are you seeking a simple at-home method to develop eyelashes? Try any of the below-listed cures that women vouch for. These are secure, organic, simple, and efficient.

combing the lashes

The same is done to our hair, and it is effective. Every day, go over your lashes with a brow brush. By doing this, you increase the blood flow around the lash roots. The lashes get longer and healthier with time. Dust, dirt, and caked-on eye makeup are all removed by combing.

lash serums

Castor oil and serums like Bimatoprost for lashes are now popular. These concoctions provide all the necessary elements to promote eyelash growth. If you often lose your eyelashes, this cure will help. Additionally, it is secure and simple to use. All you need to do is put one drop of oil on your eyelashes and gently massage it in. After 10 minutes, wipe it off with water or soap. For greater effects, you may even leave this on overnight.

Consult a trichology.

Although not quite a cure, this is something that has to be taken seriously. Do this if you are having an adverse response to a product or if your eyelashes are in particularly terrible shape. To get to our next step, ask your trichologist about lash-protecting products like Careprost Eye Drop.

Obtain eye care.

Our lashes fall off when we have a significant underlying eye condition like glaucoma or excessive blood pressure. We advise discontinuing all eye makeup use and obtaining expert assistance for this. Medications created especially for certain problems can be beneficial for you. Before taking any medication for your eyes, including Bimatoprost, always receive a diagnosis from your doctor.

Eat sensibly.

You may go on to the next treatment if your doctor grants your eyes a clean bill of health. This one entails altering your eating habits and includes items that are good for your hair. Eggs, fish for Omega-3 fatty acids, almonds for vitamin E, and mushrooms for vitamin B3 are all foods high in keratin. Such nutrients help to maintain your eyes healthy in the beginning and subsequently strengthen and nourish your follicles and lashes.

Do not dye your eyelashes.

Make sure that your new hair colour just goes on your head. It looks great. Some individuals like to colour their eyelashes and eyebrows the same as their hair. This is risky and doesn’t really benefit either of them. It might cause irreversible damage to your eyes and lashes if done often. However, if you’ve coloured them and seen a lot of lost eyelashes, consider conditioning them with coconut oil or castor oil. Try Careprost as well if you want to protect your eyes.

Don’t cut your lashes.

Some individuals clip their eyelashes to give off a polished appearance. They finally end up with sparse lashes after progressively weakening the lash line. Avoid doing this. Use mascara instead for well-groomed eyelashes. Try clear gel applied with a disposable mascara wand or eyebrow brush if you don’t like how mascara feels on your lashes daily. To get the same result, you may also try using castor oil overnight. You don’t need to use clear gel or mascara to smooth out your eyelashes since specific lash serums may assist.

Don’t use lash extensions

Your lashes get artificial lash extensions. Some of your natural lashes is pull off and start to fall out. The trend is a high time-consume operation, therefore it is only done rarely. If you want to acquire frequent lash extensions, be careful to use Bimatoprost to preserve your natural lashes. The lash line progressively becomes thinner thanks to lash extensions. To safeguard them and accelerate their development, use an effective eye serum.

You can manufacture your own eye serum if you are not convince about utilise commercially available products. All you need is a little glass container with a dropper, similar to the ones face serum is packaged in. Any natural oil that promotes hair growth should be added. Olive oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil are all options. You might also try incorporating a few drops of vitamin E oil into your olive oil or coconut oil to see if it helps.


A few supplements developed to promote the development of lashes and hair. When you don’t have the time to create a diet rich in the appropriate nutrients, you may attempt this cure. Use supplements in addition to the things you consume since they can never fully replace actual food. Look for vitamins B12, protein, keratin, and biotin supplements.