How to Setup the Asus RP-N12 Wireless Repeater?

Asus RP-N12 Wireless Repeater

The Asus RP-N12 Wireless Repeater has built-in external antennas that help to enhance wifi coverage and boost up the speed of the network signal everywhere in the house. With its quick and fast setup, you can enjoy a smooth network connection around your house. Also on the device of the repeater, you get a smart LED signal indicator that helps to find the best wifi location, so that you can access the internet connection without being buffered or lagged by the wifi dead spots. Along with that, you get a wifi roaming assistant that helps you to get a stable and reliable wifi condition whether you are in the house or in your office. 

The Asus wifi repeater works exclusively with other wireless routers. The most important thing about it is that the repeater works as three in one. It can be the Asus router, access point, or wireless bridge mode. With the intuitive setup of the device so that you can access the Asus repeater login to enable the wifi settings for flawless wifi connection.

Setup methods for the Asus RP-N12 Wireless Repeater

The Asus RP-N12 Wireless Repeater works as an access point, wireless router, or wifi bridge mode. It offers you strong built-in antennas that can seamlessly reduce or eliminate the wifi dead zones from your entire working place. Well, the setup methods vary from each other and each one is easy and simple in its own way. The setup with the WPS button, the setup with the Web browser, the setup as an access point mode, or the setup as a wireless bridge mode.

Setup of the RP-N12 Wireless Repeater with WPS button 

The Asus wireless repeater can be securely set up with the press of the one WPS button. To use the WPS button method, make sure that your device should support the WPS button setup. If it does not support then you have to go with another setup method. To commence the setup with the WPS button, plug the wireless repeater into the wall socket and make sure that the socket should be near the wifi router device. Then wait until the LED begins to flash green. Hold the WPS button for more than two minutes and release it when the device flashes a solid red or green LED. Then find an appropriate location for your devices and enjoy a safe internet connection.

RP-N12 Wireless Repeater Setup as an access point mode

It is a built-in feature into the Asus repeater to set it up as an access point mode. To enable the access point into the repeater, power on the device. Also connect the repeater by using an ethernet cable. After that, log in to the web page of the Assu repeater and go to the menu section, and then select the access point mode. After that enter the SSID network name and the default password to create an access point mode account. Hence, the wireless repeater mode is created and now you can connect it to any wireless device.

Repeater Setup Via Web browser

To configure the Asus wifi repeater by visiting the rp-n12 link into the address bar. Prominently, plug the repeater into the wall outlet and locate the device near the wifi router. Now, wait for the LED to blink into green and disconnect also from the ethernet wires. After that, connect to the wifi names device with Asus rp-n12. Then open a web browser and type into the internet bar.

When the login page displays enter admin into the username and the password field. You can also follow the instructions manually after accessing the login page. Also need to place the repeater o=into the halfway of the dead zone area and the wireless router. Now use the default settings of the repeater and connect to the network with the relevant SSID network name and password details.

Repeater Setup as a bridge mode

To set up the repeater as a wireless bridge mode so that you can use the device in two different modes at your convenience. You can use it as a wirelessly or wired connection and connect to other devices. Firstly connect the wireless router to the Asus wifi repeater and then connect the repeater by using an ethernet cable. When the device is successfully connected to the SSID name then launch a safe internet browser. Enter the link into the address bar and wait for a minute. Now login to the page as an admin and if you are using it for the first time then change the wifi password. Go to the settings and select the administration. Hence select the bridge mode and enable it.


In conclusion, the wireless repeater offers you different ways to set up the wireless repeater in your house. You can set it up as an access point, as a bridge mode, with a WPS button, or via a web browser. You can use any of the methods to set up your device. Which you find more convenient and easy to use. 

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