How to troubleshoot a Canon printer that is not resetting properly.

how to reset canon printer
how to reset canon printer

Is there a problem with your Canon printer? The best solution is to reset. In this article, you will learn how to reset canon printer, including factory resetting and cartridges. Resetting your Canon printer can undo some weird settings and should get you back to printing. However, there may be times when your Canon printer does not work correctly for any reason. In this case, you should try resetting your Canon printer. This can fix technical issues like your printer being slow, blank page printing, or not responding.

Different methods of resetting your canon printer:

If you are confused about how to reset the canon printer, you can follow the different methods for the best result.

Power reset:

A power reset is a soft reset; however, it may still be effective enough to bring your Canon device back to its original state. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: Turn off your Canon printer, then unplug the power cord directly from the power source, and make sure that your device is completely disconnected.
  • Step 2: Plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Step 3: Connect your printer to an Ethernet cable.
  • Step 4: Run a print test to see if the issue is resolved.

Ink reset:

Inkjet printers have a special built-in chip that alerts users when the device is low on ink and needs to be refilled. Sometimes, your Canon printer may need to reset the ink instead of refilling the cartridge. This is the best method to use how to reset the canon printer.

  • Step 1: Remove the cartridge from the Canon printer and insert it into the main slot of the ink reset mechanism.
  • Step 2: For the next step, you will need to make sure that the chip in the cartridge is working correctly and that it touches the plate on the reset tool.
  • Step 3: Hold the cartridge lightly until you see the LED on the chip resetter blink. Wait until the light is steady.
  • Step 4: Next, you will need to remove the cartridge from the chip resetter and repeat the process for any other cartridges that may need to be reset as well.
  • Step 5: Finally, install the ink cartridges in your printer and test printing to see if the issue is resolved.

Hard reset:

Hard reset helps you restore your Canon printer to its factory default configuration. The steps are given by,

  • Step 1: Press and hold the “Stop” button on your Canon printer until you hear a beep.
  • Step 2: Now you can release the “Start” button only after the alarm flashes or rings at least 19 times.
  • Step 3: This should restore your device to its original factory settings. You will need to uninstall the printer driver from your computer network and reinstall it using the latest drivers. Contact the manufacturer’s support team for more information on the latest Canon printer drivers.
  • Step 4: Once you complete the reinstallation process, your Canon printer is ready to use.

Factory reset:

Similar to a hard reset, a Factory reset will restore your printer to the default settings that are immediately available but there are some essential differences between the two. Here’s how to complete a factory reset:

  • Step 1: Select “Setup” on your Canon printer, then goes to “Device Settings” using the arrow keys and press “OK”.
  • Step 2: Then go to “Reset Settings” and press “OK.” Find the “Reset” option and select “OK”.
  • Step 3: Select “Yes” your device has been reset successfully.

If you want to know a simple method how to reset canon printers, you can opt for the factory reset option.

The Reset button on Canon printers:

If you are using a new Canon printer, you will have a reset button on the control panel. You can access the control panel of your Canon printer to find a reset. Using the reset button will immediately undo all changes to your printer settings. Here are the steps for resetting your  printer:

  • First, you can turn on your printer, click on the menu option and go to the control panel.
  • You can use the arrow keys and click on the settings menu, and then you can go to device settings.
  • Now you can Press the OK button and then Click on the Reset Settings option and press the OK button after the printer has been reset.

Bottom line:

These are methods for reset canon printer. In case you find resetting your Canon printer very difficult. You can also seek professional help in resetting your printer. It doesn’t matter to reset all data at once. So make sure your print document is printing correctly. If you have trouble printing with your printer settings, you can easily follow simple steps so that the printer is in a normal working state. You can also make sure to reset your printing device periodically to keep it running smoothly.