How to uninstall Norton using Norton uninstall tool?


Norton antivirus protects your system from any malicious activity that might bring damage to your data and information. It is one of the best antivirus software till now. Many businesses are using this dynamic power to get rid of all the threatful programs that prove to be a danger for our system and its working procedure. At times, antivirus software denies some programs that are significant for the system’s performance. So, to move ahead in their tasks, there is a need to uninstall the Norton antivirus. Well, we are here to help you with that. So just move ahead and learn the ways through which you can easily uninstall the Norton antivirus. Make sure to use a tool named Norton uninstall tool and Norton remove and reinstall tool for getting the result. You can have this tool on

The user must know a little glimpse about this Norton removal and reinstall tool. So, move ahead in the post and learn the uses of the tool.

What are the Uses of the Norton Removal Tool

  • This one tool can clear other variants of Norton antivirus such as Norton 360 and its editions.
  • No matter what devices you are using as it can clear the antivirus from every one of them. Must consider backup the database before conducting any kind of uninstallation.
  • Moreover, it can eradicate all the damaged and corrupted products of the Norton application. If you doubt that installation is not properly conducted then again you can use this dynamic tool.

Due to these different uses and features, many users prefer to use the tool for better performance. Well, to install the Norton security, you need to first download and access the Norton removal tool. Here are the steps that you can consider to do so.

Download and Norton Removal and Reinstall Tool

You don’t need to include much of your effort after downloading the Norton removal and reinstall tool. Just run the tool as guided below and you are all set to remove all the products and editions of Norton antivirus.

  • First of all, you need to download the Norton Remove and Reinstall tool.
  • Once done with the downloading process, just place the file on the Windows desktop.
  • The file will automatically save on some of the browsers, so you don’t need to be worried about saving it.
  • Once done with this task, just access the Downloads window in the browser.
  • Thereafter, press and hold the Ctrl + J key together.
  • Try to spot the NRnR icon and double click on the same.
  • Make sure to read the license agreement.
  • Hit the Agree button.
  • Move your cursor towards the Advanced tab.
  • Tap on Remove Only.
  • Consequently, hit Remove.
  • In the end, just choose the tab named Restart Now.

Well, these steps can work on any device but if you use Mac then move on towards the next section and learn how you can use this tool to uninstall the Norton anti-security software from the Mac.

Run Norton Removal Tool on a Mac

  • To run this tool on Mac, you have to first move towards the Application folder.
  • Next, go to the Norton Solutions folder and access it.
  • Try to launch the Norton Uninstaller by tapping twice.
  • Move towards the Uninstall Norton Products window and choose the Norton application that you want to uninstall.
  • Hit the Uninstall tab now.
  • Provide your assurance to the program that will be deleted.
  • There requires an admin account password for further procedure.
  • Just shut the windows that are opened.
  • In the last step, you only require restarting your device.

Now that you have successfully uninstalled the Norton removal tool, there is a need to reinstall the Norton product if you want. We are taking Norton 360 as an instance and learn from the steps below how you can reinstall this product of Norton. So, let’s move into the next section and learn these steps.

Steps to Reinstall Norton Product

From the steps below, you can easily reinstall Norton’s products. However, we are taking Norton 360 as an example so that you can install it easily.

  • The user needs to first sign in to Norton Management.
  • Now, try to download Norton 360.
  • After that, just provide your essential credentials like email address and password.
  • Make sure to use only those that you have used before.
  • Click on the Norton 360 showing under the product details.
  • Hit download.
  • Then, hit the Start tab on the Norton Download Manager.
  • Go with the instructions that are brought to your system and then finish the reinstallation procedure.

Final Word!

So, these are the entire steps that you need to consider for using Norton uninstall tool. You can remove as many products as you want except Norton Family. The user needs to perform each step carefully. There will be no hurdle in the process. However, if you face any further issues then make sure to consult an IT consultant. We hope that the article has proved informative and resolved all of your queries.