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IT skills will be in great demand by 2021

IT skills that will be in demand in 2022

IT skills that will be in demand in 2022

IT skills that will be high in-demand by 2022 – Top 10 listed

The IT skills you gain from working with these information technologies may help you get a new job or a promotion.

Annual reviews coincide with the start of the new year at many organizations. Consequently, doing a career check-up and setting some goals is a popular activity at this time of year. Consequently, many tech workers are wondering what skills are most in-demand right now, and which are trending upwards.

Researchers took an in-depth look at job posting data from Indeed to answer that question in a series of four reports. Over the past year and the past five years, they examined which skills appeared most frequently in job postings and which skills had the most growth. They also identified some key trends, as well as which skills are most important for some of the most in-demand job titles.

The IT landscape remains dominated by cloud computing and containerization from a big-picture perspective. Whatever your specialty, you probably need at least some familiarity with these technologies.

The demand for experience with big data tools, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) is also growing. Moreover, as enterprises move towards digital transformation, front-end Web development tools, including JavaScript frameworks like Backbone.js, Angular.js, React.js, and Vue.js, can be very valuable additions to your resume.

In-demand IT skills in 2021 – Top 10

As of 2021, “software engineer” is the most popular job title in tech, accounting for 6.8% of all tech job listings on Indeed. According to the report, the next two job titles on the list, senior software engineer and software architect, are closely related to the No. 1 position, and the top three together accounted for 13.6% of technology jobs in 2014. In addition to systems engineers, developers, systems administrators, full-stack developers, technical support specialists, front-end developers, and product managers are all in demand.

An interesting trend emerges when we examine the specific skills needed for today’s tech jobs. While skills related to the big technology trends are growing quickly, they still make up a relatively small share of overall job postings. PyTorch ML library, for example, grew 138% between 2020 and 2021, but only accounts for 0.4% of all job postings.

In contrast, some programming languages at the top of the list ten years ago still account for over 20% of the tech job listings.

If you’re looking for IT skills that will be valuable to the greatest number of employers, these are good places to start.

The following are some professionals that companies will be looking for in 2022.

Professionals with expertise in cloud computing

Nowadays, online businesses rely on cloud-based software and apps more than ever. As a result, they are not only able to grow but also stay ahead of their competitors. Therefore, we can expect an increase in traction in the Cloud Computing market, which is expected to reach USD 350-380 billion by 2021-22.

Thus, companies will offer many career opportunities for cloud computing professionals, such as Cloud Architects, Cloud Software Engineers, and Cloud Infrastructure Engineers. Furthermore, the talent pool will include both freshers and highly-experienced candidates.

Establish a solid foundation in modern cloud technologies and architectural practices to begin your career in this field. Additionally, you should be knowledgeable about Microsoft Azure, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Docker.

Career as a senior infrastructure engineer

Requirements for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer include:

  • An IT infrastructure engineer with more than five years of professional experience.
  • Worked with both business and technical users to provide support to various departments and end-users.
  • Ansible and PowerShell are preferred scripting languages
  • Expert knowledge of VMware and virtualization technologies.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science/Computer Engineering OR related discipline

Professionals in the RPA industry

Market growth for RPA, or Robotic Process Automation, is expected to double by 2021. Among the job profiles covered are RPA developer, RPA analyst, and RPA solution architect.

The main responsibility of these experts is to automate repetitive, mundane tasks by using software and bots.

To build successful RPA platforms, companies make sure their candidates know about the Microsoft .NET Framework during the hiring process.

In addition to evaluating technical skills, they also assess business processes, process mapping, and experience in a variety of languages including Visual Basic.NET, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML, and Python.

Experts in data science

Many experts predict that a Data Scientist will be among the highest-paid jobs this year. To achieve compelling business outcomes, organizations are looking for Data Scientists who can apply different data analysis, statistical, and machine learning technologies.

Thus, deep learning and machine learning concepts must be understood. As well as SQL, Apache Hive, Pig, Spark, and programming languages such as Python, R, and Java, you should have a solid foundation in these subjects.

Project Manager

The Project Manager role is likely to remain a hot career option for the foreseeable future. However, due to the evolution of the remote working environment, organizations have added some new skill requirements.

On the subject of skills, leading remote staff is the most important requirement. Additionally, the candidate must be familiar with hybrid project management methods, including Kanban, Agile, and Scrum.

Experience with cutting-edge project management software that uses artificial intelligence to automate regular tasks is also a plus.

Analyst of information security

You can also see an increase in demand for Information Security Analysts in the IT sector. Many cyber-attacks are occurring due to remote working conditions.

With the help of these professionals, companies can protect their computer systems from vulnerabilities, such as user error, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, and ransomware.

Using security tools and programs, an information security analyst mitigates, repairs, and prevents any damage.

Good networking skills and high-level knowledge of proxies, firewalls, penetration testing, and IDPS concepts are desirable skills.

Developer with full-stack experience

In 2021-22, full-stack developers will offer lucrative packages, making them the sexist job. A web developer or software developer has a solid understanding of both the front end and back end of a website or application.

As part of the planning phase, Full-Stack Developers collaborate with clients to ensure a successful outcome.

You can create a career in this field by learning programming languages, such as Java, HTML, CSS, C, C++, Python, and Ruby. In addition to this, you should have experience with Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB.

Mobile apps Developer

Nowadays, smartphones are inseparable from business culture. Mobile app development is a trending career options thanks to the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps.

Candidates who can build a user-friendly interface on various mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, and Windows, will be highly valued by companies. A competent mobile app developer should have a strong understanding of HTML, XML, JavaScript, UX design, troubleshooting, and debugging programs.

Experts in artificial intelligence

According to LinkedIn’s Top 15 Emerging Jobs in the US report, the Artificial Intelligence sector topped the list.

Companies are under increasing pressure to optimize their workflows, so AI experts focused on Business Intelligence will be critical in developing and managing AI models.

In addition, various roles with AI-related skills specifications can also be found across a variety of industries.

Engineers working in DevOps

Additionally, as telecommuting becomes easier, there will be a spike in remote DevOps Engineer jobs in the IT industry. To ensure smooth software development processes, companies seek DevOps engineers.

In their role, they monitor, troubleshoot, and configure software when needed to find any inefficiencies in the process.

An understanding of DevOps practices, programming, and scripting is essential. To work collaboratively with different teams involved in software development, this job often requires communication and interpersonal skills.

Software Engineer

As of 2020, “software engineer” is the most popular job title in the tech industry. It is accounting for 6.8% of all tech job listings on Indeed.