Loom WiFi Range Extender Says No Internet

Loom WiFi Range Extender

If you want to enhance the network signals of your router so that you can watch 4K videos and play gaming consoles. So you can easily expand, for this, you install the extender device with your router. Because the range extender device is specially designed to amplify the router’s network signals. But the extender device should be such that it completely supports all the brands of routers and gives 3 times faster network signals. Then, for all brands of routers, you can install the Loom WiFi Range Extender device with your traditional router. The network coverage is more of this device. The wireless network coverage is up to 2640 square feet. This device delivers ultra-stable bandwidth for online gaming, video conferences, and even streaming 4K HD video.

Moreover, the range extender device entirely supports up to 35 devices and all devices stay connected. All devices are more compatible with this device such as tablets, smart speakers, Alexa compatible devices, Fire stick, Roku, Games, IP cameras, & more. The WPS button is available on the front panel. Just press this button and quickly perform the loom wifi extender setup. With this button, the setup is simple & fast. Every user easily performs the setup without network congestion. 

Why does the Loom WiFi Range Extender say no internet? 

The wireless range extender device provides high-speed network connectivity to all devices. With the network connectivity of this device the network range of your router absolutely enhances. But sometimes, this range extender does not provide internet connectivity then the network signals do not enhance your router. There are some causes due to extenders that say there is no internet. These causes are as follow:

  • Not properly connect to the router
  • Ethernet cable faulty
  • Position issue
  • Outdated firmware issue

Some resolutions about Loom WiFi Range Extender Says No Internet

If the wireless range extender device says no internet then you should verify the issue. You can try to resolve this manually. If you want to fix the issue manually then you can follow some steps below for this. In the given below, there is some resolution to accurately resolve the issues.

Apply wired connection

If you have connected your router to the extender using a wireless connection but your extender is showing no internet issue. Then you should verify the connection. Because many times the wireless connection is not correct then this device says no internet. To resolve the issue, you can apply a wired connection. Because the wired connection is more true than the wireless connection. You can easily make a wired connection with this extender device.

Because on the bottom panel of the extender, you will find out the Ethernet LAN port. Then, you can smoothly apply the Ethernet cable to the available LAN port. After that, you press the power button and turn ON the device. Now, your device is successfully connecting to the router, and the internet issue will be resolved. 

Remove virus from the Loom WiFi Range Extender

Many times, the virus is there in your extender device then it is not working and the internet issue shows. If this extender says no internet then you should verify the virus. If the virus is actually enhanced in your device then you quickly remove it. For this, you can install the antivirus app & software. If you are using Macs or Windows, it comes with a built-in firewall. The firewall can be enabled by opening the network settings. If you are using other devices like smartphones or tablets then you can download antivirus programs on this device. Then, with this software, you can easily remove the virus, and this device works well. 

Mac address filtering

If you enable MAC address filtering on your range extender then you won’t be able to connect to the internet. If the range extender device says no internet then you should verify the Mac address filtering. To verify the address, you can use the extender’s IP address and insert it into the address bar of the browser. Then, you can go to the setting and verify the Mac address setting. If this setting is enabled then you quickly disable it. After that, your range extender quickly connects to the internet and you seamlessly enjoy network connectivity. 

Change the wireless channel

Many times, you configure the wrong wireless channel then the extender device does not connect to the internet. To manually resolve the issue, you should verify the wireless channel setting. For this, you can use the extender device’s official website. Then, you can select the wireless setting and click the wireless channel. If this channel is wrong configured then you can fix it.

Review of WiFi range extender 

In my point of view, the loom wifi extender review is, it is an incredible & most amazing device. Because the network coverage of this device is more than the other extender. The wireless network coverage of this device is up to 2640 sq. ft. The network connectivity of this device absolutely eliminates the WiFi dead zone. You can seamlessly watch 4K videos & gaming consoles by connecting to the extender. The WEP/WPA/WPA2 security protocols are enhanced that fully protect your extender device. The WPS button allows performing wireless setup without using a network cable. Thus, this wireless extender device is more suitable for your standard router & your whole home. 

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