Management Tasks in Synology 6 Bay DS162+

Synology 6 Bay

The Synology 6 Bay DS162+ storage device supports every aspect of the business world.  The storage device provides data management and networking tools. Well, the Synology is a built-in SSD cache slot that can exceed up to ten GbE of connectivity that helps to boost its storage capacity. Moreover, it can flexibly scale up to sixteen drives and increase the storage capacity as the demand grows for storing the files or documents. Also, it helps to protect the important data or also restore it when you need the backup of your files. You can back up the critical data and easily reduce recovery time objection with the storage of the documents.

You need to sign into the Diskstation Manager Desktop for the Synology 6 Bay DS162+ setup. It also allows you to modify the settings of the storage device as well. In which you can change the settings of the network device or use the control panel. Also, you can join the wireless network or modify the regional options with energy-saving features of the Synology NAS device.

Advanced Management Tasks of Synology 6 Bay DS162+

As you know, Synology 6 Bay DS162+ NAS storage device is strong and reliable and can be connected to other six storage devices. Hence, the device helps to store any type of document, files, or photos with full proof of security. Well, this device is mainly used in big and well-reputed organizations. They use it for the protection of their business documents and are also backed up for future references. So they have to perform many tasks that have already been improved or become advanced because of Synology. Let’s look over those tasks.

Synology Information system

You can check the information of the Synology device and also check whether it is connected to other devices or not. You need to go to the Control panel and then go to the information center so that you can easily check the information. In which you can also modify the general settings, network settings, storage settings or can also get service from the NAS storage. 

Check System logs

You can view the system logs which are especially centralized to manage or view the log records. The Synology device makes these services easy and effective for the users. If you also want to access this advanced function in your device then you have to enable it. Visit the package center and from there install the log center package. For detailed help, you can refer to the DSM help.

Observe NAS System resources

In the system resources, you can check the performance of the device or also view the CPU usage. Along with that, you get information on the memory usage of the device or the utilization of the disk with network flow. Moreover, you can also view the ratio of the connected user. Also, check the speed limit of the storage device by modifying the basic settings.

Scan the Error into the System

In the advanced settings of the device, you are simply allowed to check or scan the system. By scanning, you can find the distrustful activity that may be present in your system. You can check the malware and the working condition of the system. Also, monitor the activity of the account with networking settings. Moreover, you can update the device, if you find the update while scanning the NAS device. 

Upgrade the Synology 6 Bay storage 

If you want to upgrade your system then look into this article which may provide you a kind of direction so that you can easily update your system. At the control panel settings, tap on the update and restore option. Now you can update the DSM into the newer version. From that option, you can also backup or restore the device. Hence you can set a schedule as well to install the new updates automatically and always keep your device up to date. When you update the device then your saved files will not be erased during the update process.

How to reset the Synology Admin Password? 

You can simply reset the admin password if you forget it by chance or are unable to log in to Then in that case you can reset the Synology password to blank and then set a new wireless password. Hold or push the reset button on the back panel of the Synology device for four to five seconds. When you hear a beep sound coming from the storage device then release the button. Once the administrator password of the NAS device is reset, you can use the reset button that will help to restore the DNS or IP address of the Synology 6 Bay NAS device.

How to reinstall the Synology 6 Bay DS162+?

If you wish to reinstall the Synology device without losing the data then you can simply perform the reset of the device. With the resetting of the Synology, you can save your data. After the reset, follow the installation instructions properly from the hardware installation guide of the Synology NAS device. If you don’t have the installation then you can download the manual from the download center. The saved data in the device will not be erased while you are reinstalling the device. Due to security reasons firstly save or back up your data to not to avoid any loss issue. 

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