Meet Romeo Santo Son, Alex Damian Santos

Meet Romeo Santo Son

The wife and dating life of American musician and songwriter Meet Romeo Santo Son has been a whirlwind of mystery ever since he came into existence. Although he has had many liaison affairs, the singer has never come forward to confirm the concerns.

One thing is for sure, Romeo is a father of two, and he welcomed his second child in 2019. He has absolutely managed not to reveal the mother of his children.Additionally, there were further reports that he was in a relationship with fitness trainer Samantha Medina. Still, the reports seem far from the truth.

Is Romeo Santos Married?

As a father of two, the concerns and questions about his marriage and wife are obvious. He has numerous followers who earlier thought that he had a wife.Yet, the truth is that she is still unmarried. In a conversation, the musician said that he was not married in 2021.He never tied the knot and all the news about his marriage and wife are just hoaxes.

Is Romeo single in 2021?

To be fair, Romeo is not single but has a girlfriend. He announced his relationship with a new girl in an interview with The Breakfast Club. Still, he refuses to reveal his partner’s identity.Santos said that he does not like to talk about his personal life openly. Still, he stated that he was currently seeing someone.

Gay Rumors

Moreover, when questioned about his ongoing gay storylines, the singer was happy to say that he is not gay. He also explained that there is gay news because there is not much about his love life on the internet.With the truth that Romeo has explained that he is not gay, some reported cases of him maintaining his position.

Romeo is the father of two children.

As we discussed above, Romeo has two children of his own. Their first child, Alex Damian Santos, was born in 2002. Speaking about her first child Alex in a chat with The Breakfast Club in 2019, Aventura star Santos revealed how he was very young at the time.Apart from that, they also revealed that they decided to call it quits with their relationship. But he said he is doing great with his son now.

Is Samantha Medina Alex Damien Santos’ Mother?

There are many cases that Samantha Medina is the mother of Romeo’s first child, Alex Damian Santos. Still, there is no evidence to back up the claims. Furthermore, there is no real identity of any person behind the name, making it a baseless opinion.

That said, Alex posted a post of his father with a secret woman on his now-dormant Twitter account. Although enthusiasts believe her to be their mother, tere is no notice of the fact on the post