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Mobile Phone Not Connecting To Pantum Laser Printer

Pantum Laser Printer

Nowadays everyone installs a wireless printer in their home because every field needs to copy and print documents. But everyone wants that the connectivity technology of the printer should be wireless and the printer can be easily connected to the mobile phone. Because most of the documents are on our mobile, we need to copy these documents instantly. If you are looking for a printer that can connect with your mobile, then you can install Pantum Laser Printer. Because the connectivity technology of this printer is entirely wireless.

Additionally, it is easily connected to the mobile phone. So you can easily print and copy documents whenever you want. The input tray is built-in in this printer. In which you can easily install the sheet and copy the documents.

The laser wireless printer is compact & sleek that you can virtually place it anywhere. The body of this wireless all-in-one printer is metal. This printer easily connects to the windows computer &  copies the printer in high quality. Many users get confused about how to set up pantum printer, so don’t worry. You can use the Pantum app & perform the setup. The setup is very simple. This app can easily download by scanning the QR code. After that, you can easily perform the setup in a quick manner. 

Why is the mobile phone not connected to the Pantum Laser Printer?

The mobile is easily connected to the laser wireless printer. Then you can quickly print & copy the documents remotely. But sometimes the issue comes, the mobile phone is not connecting to the printer. Then, the user faces the issue and does not remotely print or copy the documents. There may be some reasons due to which your phone does not connect to the printer, it is something like this.

  • Not using Pantum App
  • Not connect to the WiFi network
  • Mobile phone is far away from the printer
  • Incorrect password
  • Firmware issue

Some solutions to fix the issue: Mobile Phone Not Connecting To Pantum Laser Printer

If the mobile phone is not connecting to the printer then you cannot remotely print & copy the documents. If you wish to resolve the issue then you can follow some given below steps and easily resolve the issues.

Using Pantum app

Many times it happens that you are not using the right app, due to which your mobile phone does not connect to the printer. So to fix the problem you should verify the app. To easily fix this issue, you install the app again and reconnect your mobile phone. To install the Pantum app on your mobile phone, you can visit the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then, you can search the app, and afterward, you can install it.

If you do not want to visit the App Store, then you can find the QR code in the manual and use the camera of your mobile phone and install the app. After that. You can log in to the account by using the Username & Password. Then, visit the home page and tap the add device option. With this option, you can easily connect the wireless printer to the mobile phone. 

Place the mobile phone closer to the printer

If your mobile phone is far away from the printer, then it will disconnect from the printer. When your mobile phone is not connecting to the printer device then you need to verify the distance between them. If there is more distance between these two devices then you have to reduce their distance to fix the issue. You should place your mobile phone near the printer, as if your printer is in one room, then you should also place the mobile phone in the same room. Then, your mobile device easily connects to the laser wireless printer in an easy manner. 

Upgrade the printer firmware

If the mobile phone does not connect to the Pantum printer then you should verify the firmware. Because many times the version of the firmware of your printer may outdate then it is not working well. If your printer is not working well then your phone is not connecting to the printer. To resolve the issue, you can verify the firmware version. For this, you can use the printer IP address and then insert it in the web utility. After that, you can visit the setting and select the firmware upgrade option. Under this option, you can easily verify the firmware, it will outdate then you can instantly update it with a firmware file. 

Verify the power cord

Sometimes your printer does not turn on due to a faulty power cord. If the printer does not turn ON then your mobile phone will not connect to the printer. To resolve the issue you should verify the power cord. If the faulty power cord is connected to the wireless printer then you should remove this power cord. For this, you can remove this power cord and then take a working power cord. This working power cord you connect to the laser printer. Now, your printer will turn ON and you can easily connect the mobile phone to the wireless printer.

After using a working power cord, but the mobile phone does not connect to the printer then you can easily resolve the issue. For this, you can restart the printer by disconnecting all the cables & wires. After that, you can press the power button and power off the printer. After some minutes, you can again turn ON the printer and try, connect the mobile phone to the printer. 

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