Negative SEO: What You Need To Know

Negative SEO
Negative SEO

We all know that SEO affects out rankings in the SERPs, but few of us really know exactly how it happens or what it means when we get a bad link from a source such as a competitor. I myself was clueless about negative SEO backlinks. But today, I’ll share with you what negative SEO backlinks are and whether they’re bad.


What is Negative SEO? According to Google, Negative SEO is: “a practice of crafting and ranking low-quality links that dilute credibility of a web page.” This is different from “link schemes” which redirects links to another site.


It is the practice of exploiting vulnerable web pages found in search engines to damage your reputation. If you are seeing negative link development for your website that you are unable to control, then this could be a warning sign that your site is being abused. Search engines can’t automatically discover negative SEO, but it is easy to spot. Negative SEO is the only type of link building that will impact your content’s ability to rank high in search engine results pages.


Despite the fact that negative SEO has become pretty much a thing of the past (for now), there are still some websites whose owners can’t seem to give it up. This is often the result of organizations who’ve accepted bribes or simply want to remain hidden. Negative SEO or black hat SEO is the practice of actually manipulating search engines to de-rank sites that engage in third party link building.In this article, I’ll reveal the truth about negative SEO backlinks. I’ll tell you what occurs when inferences are made about websites on our industry watch list. I’ll also answer the question: Is negative SEO backlinks bad for your Google rankings?


Are negative SEO backlinks bad?


Negative SEO backlinks are simply bad links that we’re talking about. The general consensus is that they can be harmful to your website and Google rankings, and the truth is – they may not be if you remove them or redirect them to an authority site. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “negative SEO” by Google. Negative SEO backlinks can actually harm your website. They are bad, and you need to remove them as soon as possible. Get new visitors and rank high search engines such as Google and Bing with these techniques of negative SEO backlink.


How does a negative SEO link is created?


Negative SEO links are links that are created by spammers. They typically link to your website with the intent of damaging your online reputation. This can be accomplished by feeding your site harmful or irrelevant content or by pointing anchor text back to it.  Negative SEO is one of the most annoying problems for site owners. They are very short term strategies to get your site lower rankings in Google – but also negative backlinks are sometimes created by webmasters simply because it is bad tactics, or sometimes they are set to get revenge on other competitors.


How do they affect your SEO?


It’s very hard to know what negative SEO is whether or not it affects your SEO. Sites are constantly under attack. People are constantly trying to harm you. But do these things actually affect your online business? Who’s watching? Who actually cares? Can someone come after your site simply because they don’t like the brand you created on the Internet?



Negative SEO is a controversial topic in the world of SEO. When you look at the overall picture of how Google’s algorithm ranks websites, you could be in better standing because of the negative backlinks. This was quite a lengthy article as I added a lot of experiments and detailed explanations. I hope you enjoyed it. Finally, if you want to improve your SEO, I highly recommend you to take the help of an SEO expert because that’s a powerful written resource that will teach you a lot about this topic.