Number Masking Techniques: An Overview

Number Masking Techniques

Phone numbers are essential for proper execution of daily activities in today’s hyperconnected environment. Phone numbers are required everywhere, from contacting customers to ordering quick transportation, shopping online, finding out more about specific services, dating online, and social media logins. It makes issues like privacy, security, and anonymity in this industry a legitimate concern for both consumers and companies.

The security and privacy of customer and corporate data are an increasing concern. Individuals are afraid of disclosing personal information, with phone numbers at the top of the list. Hackers might quickly access a mobile phone number to gain access to a bank account, email, social media profile, and more.

To provide the customers peace of mind, a lot of businesses have turned to phone number masking. Call masking shields both the customer and the company from dangerous and fraudulent threats. Here will see in detail:

What is Number Masking?

To protect the agent’s privacy and the caller’s personal information, number masking is a cutting-edge data protection measure. Allow two on-call parties to communicate easily without sharing phone numbers.

Calls should be recorded and monitored so that agents can perform better with real-time information. Utilize the analytics dashboard to understand consumer wants and make sure that agents are properly trained.

How Does Number Masking Work?

Depending on the service provider, number masking could function differently on various platforms. However, the most fundamental fixes operate as follows:

First, the customer or company representative places a call using the app. After then, the call is transferred through the service provider’s application server. In this case, a proxy number takes the place of the caller party’s phone number. After that, a call from an unknown number is received by the party which was called. Both parties freely communicate with one another while keeping their contact information private.

You have probably seen that when you book a cab, the driver is automatically allocated to the passenger, and a flashing number appears in the mobile app.

The parties can contact one another using this number as a gateway without disclosing their personal mobile numbers. In order to accomplish this, cloud telephony providers are helpful. So how does this operate?

Customers can use the number masking feature by purchasing a virtual mobile number. The customer clicks on the phone number on the taxi service provider’s mobile application. After sending a request to the database API, where the customer and the driver are mapped, it routes the call to the destination by clicking on the number.

The API URL is activated by the company using the caller number. In response, it retrieves the destination number to forward the call using an API to query the database. Simply, the company system queries the customer’s API to determine what to do with the call.

This creates a private communication channel because the driver answers the phone and sees the caller ID number. A caller to the virtual mobile number and the destination number. In order to route calls to the specified destination in the database, Virtual Number acts as a channel.

Data Masking Techniques

  • Data encryption
  • Data scrambling
  • Data substitution
  • Data shuffling
  • Nulling out
  • Value variance
  • Pseudonymization
  • Data ageing

How is Phone Number Masking Beneficial for Organizations?

Protect Identity 

You can use a virtual number as a customer-facing number by using number masking. Businesses may effortlessly map their agents’ mobile numbers with the use of this tool, providing a safe atmosphere for customer interactions. The best method to maintain privacy while giving your clients and agents a seamless phone experience is to use mobile number masking.

Oversee Communication

You may start a call with just one click when using a call masking service. It improves customer interaction while saving time and effort, which is highly beneficial to the growth of any firm.

Optimize Interaction

You may keep the professionalism of your firm by using number masking. Using this cutting-edge cloud telephony service, you can reassure your customers that they can contact your company without worrying about the security and safety of their personal information. Knowing that your company respects their privacy and meets their needs is also helpful to your customers.

Bottom Line

Number masking is a technique that not only protects callers and customer’s personal information but also shows how organizations can enhance their offerings and implement effective client retention strategies. With the best strategy and a unique technique, it is easy to use number masking in the business.