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Patient Verification in Healthcare and Hospitals

Patient Verification

The racket of cybercriminals and professional scammers is growing exponentially, raising concern about the safety of regular individuals and the medical sector. For getting free treatment or cannabis for abuse without being traced. The people create and purchase engineered synthetic IDs and health/medical insurances. The leaving the hospitals and pharmacies kyb checks to pay for the consequences, not only that, the person. Whose ID gets used for such illicit drugs gets also accountable.

It has become moreover a profession for some. Hospitals and healthcare platforms do need to integrate a tamper-proof system for patient verification before treating him/her. The number of reports that will be registeres cannot be avoide and the slow process of validating someone’s identity might risk lives of plenty.

Document Checks in Patient Verification

  • To verify ID online, the patient uploads e-copies of his/her ID archives along with the medical insurance card. For validation of identity, the person can submit any imagery evidence of ID such as a driving permit, national photo-based identity card, or passport, whatever is convenient to provide
  • In the patient verification process, the automated system for facial biometric authentication requires the latest picture of the individual as well
  • The solution for KYP (Know Your Patient) is backes up by updating digital storage units of regulatory. The health authorities validate the authenticity of the person by confirming. The submitted documentation from those databases
  • The end results of patient verification are conclud in real-time, to proceed further

Facial Biometric Authentication

The biometric recognition technology in patient verification is not only to enable hospitals and pharmacies, to validate the ID of people and facilitate them but the face screening is also to protect patient information from hacking consistently.

Inpatient verification, the digital solution identifies the originality of a person by comparing the selfie submitted with the picture on the particular ID archive. Due to the optical flow analysis technology in the system, it will differentiate between a genuine and prosthetic face in moments as it has configure and trains in accordance with genuine facial geometric features.

The solution for patient verification confirms the authenticity of the picture with accuracy because the technology is designeing to recognize engineers’ synthetic facial elements and battle spoofing and mask attacks.

Even after patient verification and getting onboard, the kyb verification solutions protect the medical history and information of people by verifying facial recognition scans before prescribing a specific sensitive medication and in other cases as well.

Significance of Automated Patient Verification

The purpose of automated authentication solutions is not one-dimensional, it does not benefit merely one party or organization either. Earlier hospitals and pharmacies used to validate one’s ID card and insurance by just a regular scan, not effectively designed for recognizing counterfeiting and holograms.

The objective of patient verification is vast. The digital systems assist the verifying party to get control of the framework and streamline the onboarding process. The consequences of negligence and poor standards of patient verification will be pay by countless. The innocent individuals who didn’t have any clue about what was happening with their ID and insurance.

Reported Cases of Synthetic Medical ID

The black market or dark web is supplementing several individuals. Like engineered fake ID records, insurance documents, social security numbers, and all. Many cases of poor standards of patient verification are publicizing. To name a few:

Nikki Gordan

A regular school-go 17 years old girl will humiliate herself upon getting diagnoses with AIDS. Nikki Gordan was willing to donate to a blood campaign organized at her school. During the preliminary tests, the report concluded that she had AIDS. Upon investigation, it was revealed that someone was using Nikki’s social security number in the state of California, all of this due to faulty patient verification

Ford’ Case

Back in 2008, Deborah Ford get a mug, her purse was stolen and two years after that she is convicte of presenting forged prescriptions. To get codeine pills, a drug or narcotic that is used in severe pain, it can highly affect the nervous system of a soul. There was an attempt to get about 1710 pills. A systematic process of patient verification will have dealt with the problem before it gets starts.

Like that there have been several cases where a vulnerable minor or a professional fraudster has deceived. The validation screening with ease. Things have surely changed over time but still. The frequency of healthcare ID thefts and data breaches indicates that a digital solution.  For patients, verification is highly imperative to reinstate the controlling party in the field


The functional automated system for patient verification in the medical field serves everyone, the patients and the concerned medical institution. The screening process checks the ID archive and authenticates facial data seamlessly to make the patient onboarding swift. The precise as treating illness is a serious matter and accurate patient verification ensures that an innocent soul doesn’t suffer.