QuickBooks Error 12157: How to remove it from the desktop?

Depending on what caused the mistake, different errors may appear when you run QuickBooks updates to add new features or to run payroll. One of the many update errors you could see is QuickBooks error 12157, which is typically brought on by problematic internet connection settings and problems with Windows Firewall. Such update issues don’t have a single fix, therefore you might need to do several troubleshooting measures. Here is a fast four-minute overview of QuickBooks issue 12157, its most likely causes, and a thorough troubleshooting procedure to help you navigate the headaches of troubleshooting.

Error 12157 of the QuickBooks Update has a Simple explanation.

Any application that has to be updated must first download the update file from the internet; failure to do so leads to problems and the termination of the update process. All Windows apps are impacted by this, not just accounting programs like QuickBooks. There could be a number of causes for your computer’s connection issues with the internet. The 12157 update error is a member of the 12XXX series of problems. The 12XXX series of issues that you could run across while updating QuickBooks Desktop are listed below in further detail.

QuickBooks Issue 12031 – An incorrectly configured internet connection causes this error when upgrading QuickBooks Desktop.

One of the typical payroll update errors in QuickBooks is Error 12002, which is brought on by a firewall that prevents QuickBooks from connecting to the internet.

Another QuickBooks Payroll update error caused by out-of-date Payroll Tax Tables is QB Update Error 12057.

When the computer is unable to connect to the internet, QuickBooks Error 12007—a QuickBooks Desktop update error—appears.

QuickBooks Payroll Update Problem 12029: This error occurs when the application’s SSL certificate is no longer valid or has expired.

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What Causes Error 12157 in QuickBooks Desktop?

Let’s quickly look at the causes of error 12157 while updating QuickBooks Desktop before moving on to technical troubleshooting. You can choose the best course of action by understanding the causes.

1. The time and date are displayed incorrectly by Windows’ clock.
2. Your internet connection isn’t functioning correctly.
3. QuickBooks’s ability to access the internet is being restricted by Windows Firewall.
4. On Windows, multiple installations of QuickBooks Desktop’s same version are present.
5. Applications used as download managers by third parties are using up internet bandwidth.

Solutions in Four Steps for QuickBooks Error 12157

First, set the system clock’s time and date correctly.

1. On your computer’s screen, click the clock in the system tray in the bottom right corner.
2. Change Date and Time Settings can be selected.
3. To find the date and time settings, you can also go under Date and Time in the Control Panel.
4. Once you’ve entered the right information, click Change date and time.
5. Select the appropriate time zone by clicking Change time zone now.
6. Apply and OK after clicking.
7. Try once more to update payroll and QuickBooks. You should proceed to the next troubleshooting step if you see the same QuickBooks issue 12157.

It’s important to note that download manager programs like Internet Download Manager (IDM) use the majority of your internet bandwidth, making it impossible for other programs to obtain data from the internet. While updating QuickBooks, be sure no programs, such as download managers, are operating in the background.

Troubleshoot typical Internet connection issues as a second option

Follow the article 12 Tips to Troubleshoot your Internet Connection for comprehensive advice on how to fix common internet connection problems.

IMPORTANT: Check to see if QuickBooks Desktop versions from the same year are installed on your computer. This is one of the things that can go wrong while updating QuickBooks.

The third option is to exempt QuickBooks and its additional processes from the firewall.

Make sure the following files are added to the exemption list and follow the instructions in the article Windows Firewall Instructions to enable ports 80 and 443.

QuickBooksMessaging.exe \sAutoBackup.exe \sQBW32.exe \sDbmlsync.exe \sQBServerUtilityMgr.exe \sDBManager.exe \sQBLaunch.exe \sFileManagement.exe \sQBGDSPlugin.exe \sFileMovement.exe \sQBDBMGrN.exe \sIntuitSyncmanager.exe \sQBCFMonitorService.exe

NOTE: If you’re not using Windows and need assistance adding QuickBooks as an exception in your firewall settings, get in touch with the program developer or support.

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Hopefully, you can quickly fix QuickBooks problem 12157 using the troubleshooting information in this post. We are aware that troubleshooting might be frustrating for some customers because it takes a long time and demands a lot of patience.