Ranking – pay attention to in SEO marketing

Digital Marketer
Digital Marketer

In order to survive in the digital age in the midst of the steadily growing seo number of websites in the search engines, the formation of a good strategy for a high ranking is essential. As ranking refers to the order in which the user in the use of search engines, the results are displayed.


Why optimize ranking?

Pages with a good organic search result appear at the top of the ranking in the SERPs . The decision as to which page is at the top is up to the operator of the search engine. Search engines like Google or Bing want to ensure that the user is shown pages and information with the highest possible relevance first. The rankings play a decisive role in online marketing , because the ranking list influences the user’s decision as to which page to click on. Internet users usually make their selection from the first three search results; only a few users look at the results on the second page. A homepage ranking test shows you in which position your website is currently.

What creates a good online ranking?

Use SEO online marketing for a better ranking on the results page generating a good ranking is not a science. There are various criteria that search engine operators use for their SEO evaluation. If you know this information, e.g. Google Guidelines, you can align your SEO Search Engine Optimization with it and improve your position in the search results.

According to the most famous search engine provider, more than 200 different criteria are included in the creation. Some factors are particularly weighted, while others are less significant. In any case, an important Google ranking criterion is usability. While the Google optimization of the website used to focus on the Google search engine, today the user experience is the focus for a good online reputation. The semantic web is particularly important here.

Text content, loading times, and link building or SEO link building / link building, as well as images, also play a role. The URL structure is also an important type. When using stock photos, however, you should always observe the terms of use in order to protect yourself from warnings. Also, check whether you can register expired domains with a good ranking for you. Keyword cannibalization or keyword stuffing, on the other hand, should be avoided in any case. Otherwise, it can lead to an SEO penalty. That means you will not land in the ranking despite your efforts.

Ranking in connection with SEO search engine optimization

Improve your ranking and sustainably increase your customer growth aim of search engine optimization is that your page appears on the top rank as possible. Because a higher rank promises more visitors and thus, as a result, more sales.

It is certainly difficult to meet each of the 200 ranking factors. You don’t even have to. Often it is enough to turn a few screws to improve visibility online. When it comes to modern search optimization in online marketing, high-quality content and mobile-first is certainly the most important point of all SEO measures at the moment. The search engine bots rate relevant and understandable information on the Internet positively so that your page ranks better with good content. Holistic content is particularly important here. A purely generic text with a focus on keywords is not of great help to the user on the Internet and is accordingly rated worse. So don’t overdo it with keyword density. PR SEO can help to achieve success in ranking.

Newsletters also play a role in the positioning of the website. If you do not send an informative newsletter but rather spam mail, you have a negative impact on your place in the search results, for example.