Review: ASUS W202, Intel Celeron processor, 4GB RAM with 64GB eMMC

The ASUS W202 Vivobook is an ultraportable laptop that is packed with enough specs and features to run daily operations. It is perfect for the classroom scenario, or if you are a student or employee who needs to work on the go. This laptop comes packed with the Intel Celeron processor which means you will get a reliable speed. There is a superior combination integrated into this laptop, but it surely does the job for what it should.

The laptop highlights a long-lasting battery life with its minimalistic build and simplistic design. Also, the good price indicates that it, without a doubt, delivers the best value for money. It could be a pleasure purchase for students or budget-conscious parents and casual users. The solid performance, rugged style, and bright display are what make it a good option in its limitations. For those who are interested, we have further evaluated the specs and features of this ASUS laptop.


Processor: Intel Celeron N

Screen Size: 11.6 in

Display Resolution: 1366 x 768


Storage: 64 GB SSD

GPU: Intel HD Graphics

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro

Connectivity: 802.11n Wi-Fi standard

Design Factor & Build Quality

Just at 2.6 pounds, the ASUS W202 is very lightweight, and the compact build makes it heavenly portable. The accurate measurements of the laptop are around 11.6 x 7.9 x 0.89, making it thick and thin with a balance. The whole body is mainly made of plastic, but the rubber edges make it look thicken and protects it. To guard the edges, ASUS has put rubber in the corner and all sides. The edition we got came in blue while the rubber matched exactly with the body colour. There is a sophisticated touch added with the ASUS logo placed in the middle, giving a professional vibe. Also, it is a lot easier to open the lid which is small and flexible. You can open it with one hand whenever you want, and much more easily with both.

The diamond pattern is also noticeable on the whole textured surface while the deck is layered with chrome. The rubber on the edges prevents smooth gliding alongside the desk, which is not much irritating. There is a slight flex on the keyboard and certainly around the bezel, but that doesn’t create any creaking.


The 11.6-inch screen delivers an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 which has anti-glare technology. This helps to get minimum to no strain on the eyes, so you can view the display all day. There HD screen can be a decent sport for binge-watching Netflix shows, YouTube videos, or other videos. Obviously, you can’t expect very high quality from just the HD, but it resonates well with the price.

The sRGB color gamut coverage that this ASUS laptop has is around 72%, with crisp color contrast. The colors are not terrifically bright but at 226 nits of brightness, they work fine under sunlight.


Besides regular ports, there are a couple of security slots that ASUS has included in this laptop. But you will not find any USB C port anywhere which is a little bit disappointing. On the left side, you will witness an HDMI port, micro-SD card reader, and a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The right side sports a Kensington lock slot, a charging slot, and other USB ports. Both sides have a USB 3.0 port which makes it easy to connect it from either side for fast transferring.


The ASUS W202 performs spot on with its Intel Celeron N processor and solid-state drive storage of 64GB. It has 4GB RAM that goes well for basic tasks in combination with 64GB SSD. The system does well for multitasking, and you can run several programs without any delay. The Intel HD graphics included in this laptop are fine enough for everyday video watching or playing casual games. The operating system installed in this laptop is Windows 10, which provides a user-friendly interface. This laptop allows operating daily everyday programs without any interruption.


The battery timing of the ASUS W202 is ideal for students, school kids, and even employees. The practical analysis showed a time of 11 hours during the day or night. If you work in an office, or you go to university you can easily make it through a significant time.

Final Verdict

The ASUS W202 Vivobook laptop is a solid laptop for basic computing efficiency. It runs all the standard operations without any significant delays or unusual slowdowns. You can use it for consecutive web surfing, watching playback videos, or basic applications. But the best part and the real selling factor of this laptop remains to be its budget cost and portable design. You can pack it in your bag without any second thought of extra pressure. Grabbing it instantly won’t leave you thinking where to put it because it is easier to settle anywhere.

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