Settings into the Access Control of the Dlink WiFi Router

Netgear Router Firmware
Netgear Router Firmware

The Dlink WiFi Router helps to set up the smart wizard and it smartly configures with a wireless N router. It works very effectively after the setup. With the help of its high gain antennas and technical specifications that powerfully connect to the modem and the wireless devices. It provides a wireless connection of 300 Mbps of speed with breakthrough speed. Moreover, the Dlink router allows its users to participate in real-time activities such as video gaming, streaming in HD, sharing large files, etc. Also, the router is a compatible device with  IEEE 802.11g networking standards so that it can seamlessly join the existing wireless devices.

With the Dlink wireless router setup, you can enable the firewall feature that acts as a safeguard and protects from external threats to the internet connection. It protects the connection from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. Moreover, the content of access filterings such as domain name, URL, or MAC address can be applied with the settings of the router easily.

Settings in the Configuration methods of the Dlink WiFi Router

As you know that you can make various settings into the methods of the configuration of the dlink wifi router. You can set up the internet connection, make changes to the manual configuration of the router, change into the wireless settings, network settings, access control, firewall settings, or many more. As the dlink wifi router is a user-friendly device and its setup is based on the web user interface which walks you through the many steps to configure the router. Moreover, the router is safe and secure and supports multiple concurrent sessions so that you securely access the network connection.

Dlink wifi router access control setup wizard

In the settings of the access control that allows its users to get the access control in or out of the network connection. You can use this feature when you want to enable parental control. Also, grant access to some sites or also limit the use of web access. If want to block games or any unusual site. Moreover, verify by enabling the access control and clicking on the add policy to set the access control wizard that was displayed on the delete icon. Hence click continue with the access control wizard and then enter the name to continue to the next step. 

After that select the schedule from the drop-down list and enter the information of the IP address or address type. Now you are on a page where you have to enter rules. Such as enable, name, Dest IP Start, Dest IP End, protocol, Dest Port Start, Dest Portend. Also enable the weblogging by clicking on the enable button. Hence save the settings to access the control rule of the dlink wifi router.

Dlink wireless router network settings

In this section, you can change the settings of the local wireless network and also configure the DHCP settings of the dlink wireless router. But before that, you should know your mydlink login password, IP address, subnet mask, local domain name, etc. The IP address of the dlink wireless router is In case, you have changed the IP address then after clicking on the settings. Now, you need to enter the new IP address of the router. The subnet mask is and the local domain name is an optional matter. Hence uncheck the box and then transfer the information of the DNS server into the box. If it is already checked then the client device will pick the DNS server automatically.

Router advanced network settings

In this section, you directly adjust the advanced settings of the wired network. Well, it recommends to the Dlink router users that they do not make any change to the settings of the wireless connection. And the settings it includes are universal plug and play settings. Also, WAN ping, WAN port speed, IPV4 Multicast Streams, or IPV6 Multicast Streams. These settings are included in the advanced section. The advanced settings are more compatible and flexible than other settings of the router’s software and peripherals. 

Final words

The dlink wifi router is a dual-band and smart wireless router. It can cover the wider areas of your home with its high-gain antennas. Moreover, the router has fast Gigabit ethernet ports. That simply provides high-speed wired connectivity connection to all the smart gadgets. Well, you know that you can make changes to the configured settings of the Dlink router device. It includes the change into the advanced settings or wireless network settings or access control. Along with that,  you have more options that you can get by referring to the user manual of the dlink wireless router. 

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