SignalTech Range Extender Setup Without IP Address?

SignalTech range extender

If you want to use high-speed network signals in a longer area, you can easily do it with a network device. But the network device should be such that the network coverage is seamless and ultimate. Because there are many devices that do not have long network coverage such as access points, internet modems, and wireless routers. But for longer coverage, there is such a device that gives network signals highly stable in a large coverage. To properly enjoy the wireless network in the longer area then you can use the SignalTech range extender device. The network signals are more stable & network coverage absolutely boosts. Network connectivity of this device completely eliminates the WiFi dead zone. The network speed of this device easily increases the wireless signal of your traditional or existing device.

SignalTech wireless range extender comes along with a sleek & compact size that you can easily place in any room. The network signals reach every room of your home. Then Access point & extender mode is there in this device. You can easily configure this mode and seamlessly enjoy a wireless network. If you wish to check the network status of this extender then you can use myrepeater and quickly verify the status in an easy manner. 

Overview about SignalTech Range Extender Device

The wireless range booster easily connects to the router and then amplifies the network range of your router device. By using this device, you can enjoy the range of your router even in the longer area. But for this, you should connect the router to the extender device. If you really wish to enjoy the wireless network of this network device then you should know relevant information about the extender. In the given below, the detailed information about the extender are as follow:

Many LED indicator lights

The front panel of the range extender device gets a lot of LED indicator lights like Power, WiFi, Internet, No Internet, router connection status, PS LEDs, RJ45, & Reserved LED lights. Then, you can easily verify the status of the extender through this light. If the setup is not done with the router, then the router connection status LED light solid red. Then, you can easily verify the issue & quickly resolve it. 

Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) button

The Wi-Fi-protected setup button is placed on the front panel of the range extender device. This button is usually more helpful to make the wireless connection. In this connection, you don’t require any type of wire & cable. 

1 Gigabit Ethernet LAN port

The LAN port is available on the left-hand panel side. This port allows the wired device to access the internet connectivity. The Wired devices can easily enjoy WiFi network connectivity through this port. For this, you can just plug the cable into this port and completely make the connection. 

Reset button

The reset button is also placed on the left-hand panel of the extender device. If your extender is not working that means network signals are unstable then you can easily reset the extender. For this, you can use this button and easily perform the reset. 

Detachable plug design

The design of the range extender device is detachable. This means you can plug this device directly into the power supply without using any power cord and adapter. Thus, the detachable plug design is more useful for the extender user. 

Wireless router setup With SignalTech Range Extender Without IP Address

The wireless range extender device absolutely enhances the network signals of your existing wireless router. But to enhance the network signals of your router, you should perform the setup. If you wish to perform the router setup with the extender device without an IP address, then you can easily perform it. In the given below, there are some steps. You can follow these steps and quickly perform the setup. 

Use WPS button

If you wish to perform the setup without using an IP address then you can easily perform the setup by using the WPS button. You should select the position of both these devices to set up with the WPS button. In the room where your extender will place, which position of the router should also keep in the same room. The extender & router is placed nearby. Then, You turn ON the power of your extender & router device by using the power button. Then, you can smoothly press the WPS button of your range extender. After 30 seconds, you can press the WPS button of your traditional router. Then, the WPS LED light is green which means the connection between the router & extender is successful. Now, the router setup with signaltech wifi booster is completely done. 

Use Ethernet cable connection

If you wish to perform the wireless router setup with the range extender device without using an IP address, then you can easily do it by using an Ethernet cable. The LAN port is available in this extender device. Then, you can place the router too close to the extender. Now you have to plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the LAN port of the router and the other end into the LAN port of the extender. After that, you can turn ON the extender and verify the connection. Presently the setup of both devices is done. 

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