The New Age Of Digital Marketing: Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation integration

Many people are still living with the misconception that it is the proliferation of digital marketing that catapulted the popularity of marketing automation and it was only during this period that businesses came to know about the use of automation in marketing.

Well, if you dig a bit deeper, you will find traces of marketing automation.

During the 90s, when the first marketing automation tools were introduced. 

During its initial stage, marketing automation was confined to only enterprises with a giant customer base as it was an extravagant affair and required highly bespoke tools that can be built only in-house. 

But over time, the rise of third-party suppliers and the evolution of technology has opened door to marketing automation for everyone, and now, even small businesses are embracing this remarkable concept to level the playing field. 

Nowadays, almost 79% of companies are using the power of marketing automation in one form or another and by the end of 2027, the marketing automation industry is going to become a USD 9.5 Billion industry. 

So get on board and join us on the journey of exploring the details of marketing automation like never before. 

What is marketing automation?

In the digital realm, marketing automation is the software that is used for systemizing the actions of marketing campaigns like social media, blog posts, emails, web pages, and much more, making these jobs less time-consuming and easier for marketers. Because of such features, marketing automation software allows unique and creative campaigns to yield better results. 

A marketing automation tool can work on your sales funnel, campaigns, and all other marketing tasks, and therefore, with. The help of the right marketing automation tool, you can make sales, improve the effectiveness of campaigns, gain leads. And nurture customer relationships. You can even opt for enterprise automation services offered by digital marketing companies. 

Why companies are flocking to marketing automation?

With 71% of the B2B businesses agreeing on the use of marketing automation in their emails, you can’t deny the growth of marketing automation in every sector. But the big question is why so many companies are trying to inherent marketing automation in their digital marketing strategy.

Here are a couple of reasons-

  • Time-saving- Employees can be freed from mundane and repetitive marketing tasks with the introduction of enterprise automation services and thus, it saves a lot of time. For example, a specific campaign can be scheduled. Ahead of time and this means you can easily channel your working hours into the project. You can even automate the process of nurturing customers.
  • Improved productivity– Since marketing automation can free up your marketing team, they can focus on other aspects of marketing, and hence, they can brainstorm new ideas and get time to think out-of-the-box rather than being bogged down with repetitive and mundane marketing tasks. 
  • Improved ROI and multi-channel approach– No need to keep switching between multiple platforms as marketing automation integration allows you to keep tabs on the marketing campaigns and nurturing of customers on different channels through a single platform. Also, when you target more specifically while keeping the noise at bay, you enjoy better ROI. 

The future of marketing automation 

Automation, in particular, AI-powered solutions are on the rise in the marketing automation industry. Whichever program, software, or tools you are using can become obsolete next year, and therefore. It becomes paramount for every business to understand the new introductions, updates, and improvements in the marketing automation field.

Here are a couple of fields where marketing automation is going to keep dominating in the near future-

  • For fine-tuning email campaigns 
  • For improving personalization
  • Enhancing lifecycle marketing 
  • Enabling predictive lead scoring, and much more 

Can Marketing Be. Completely Automated?

Many businesses choosing marketing automation integration have this question in mind and although it’s hard to predict what the future holds for marketing automation, by the look of things, especially the growth of AI and other technological evolution, the sky is the limit for e-marketing. 

But this doesn’t mean that all marketers will become obsolete in the near future. Instead, marketers will have to adjust and hone their skills to align with the growing technologies.

There are still many fields of marketing where complete automation is not possible and therefore. It would be better for marketers. To make the most of the situation and embrace the growing technologies to improve their performance. 

There is no doubt about the exponential growth of marketing automation in the near future but it is the responsibility. Of marketers to keep tabs on the latest trends and improvements to stay relevant in the marketing automation realm. 

With better choices of Tools and Services. Marketing Automations can be use to fuel the growth of any business and that too without going extravagant or hiring a new team.