There was a problem generating the Pervasive authorization key


  • Mistake: “There was an issue creating the Pervasive approval key.”
  • Mistake: “There was an issue initiating. Kindly attempt some other time.”
  • Can’t open Sage 50 — U.S. Version.
  • Can’t enact Sage.
  • Can’t initiate Pervasive.
  • Finance equations are not stacked.

Happens on workstation and the Help, About Sage 50 Accounting window shows the actuated chronic number rather than <Not registered>.

Program gives message that there was a going thing on with Pervasive.

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  • Unavoidable Database Engine is running as a pre-burden and handicapped in Services
  • Inescapable Database Engine has neglected to actuate
  • Sage as well as Pervasive didn’t introduce accurately
  • Most recent item update not introduced
  • Workstation running an unexpected delivery in comparison to the server
  • Against infection or firewall obstructing initiation
  • Sage not being Run as director
  • Secret Options.dat document
  • Authorizations not accurately set on shared envelope
  • PC is over gotten because of an unforeseen update to Windows 10
  • Btrieve is running
  • Unavoidable is debilitated in services.msc


Note: If your PC was as of late moved up to Windows 10, cripple UAC in the library, reboot, reactivate in SageReg and attempt once more.

Segment I: Restart Pervasive data set

  • Restart Pervasive help”How to stop or begin the Pervasive assistance” in Related assets segment.
  • Begin Sage and Activate.
  • In the event that a similar blunder happens, continue to next segment.

Area II: Run Sage 50 as head

  • Right-click Sage 50 symbol, and afterward select Run as director.
  • Confirm you don’t get the mistake.
  • In the event that the application actuates, close the application, and return without the Run as chairman choice.
  • In the event that the application creates the mistake message when the choice isn’t chosen, follow “How might I make the program run as executive of course?” in the Related assets area.

Segment III: Uninstall and reinstall Pervasive

  • Uninstall and reinstall Pervasive; follow Article ID 11814: “How to totally eliminate and reinstall Pervasive” in Related assets for guidelines.
  • Open Sage.
  • Select Help, and afterward select Sage 50 Activation.
  • Confirm program initiates.

Segment IV: Create another information way with the Database Repair Utility

Make another information way; follow Article ID 10901: “How to make another information way with the Database Repair Utility” in the Related assets segment.

Confirm program enacts without blunder.

Area V: Activate program in SageReg.exe

  • Right-click the easy route for Sage 50 and select Properties.
  • In the Properties window, click the Open File Location button.
  • In the window that opens, double tap SageReg.exe record.
  • Select Sage Activation tab, and afterward click Activate.
  • When effectively actuated, open Sage and complete internet based initiation.
  • Confirm you never again get the blunder message. Assuming you actually get message, continue to next area.

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Segment VI: Manually initiate

Physically actuate; “How would I physically enact program or physically register the finance administration” in the Related assets area.

Segment VII: Disable enemy of infection and firewall

  • Incapacitate your enemy of infection and firewall.
  • Open Sage.
  • In the event that the actuation brief doesn’t show up consequently, select Help, and afterward select Sage 50 Activation.
  • Select Activate Online Now.
  • In the event that enactment is fruitless, continue to next segment.

 Segment VIII: Disable UAC and introduce most recent Service Release

  • Debilitate UAC; “How to cripple User Account Control (UAC)” in the Related assets area.
  • Introduce the most recent Service Release; follow Article ID 10170: “How to introduce refreshes” in the Related assets area.

Area IX: Hidden Options.dat record

Note: If the Options.dat record isn’t apparent, change the settings to make stowed away documents noticeable. “The most effective method to set your PC to show record expansions and secret documents, organizers, and drives” in Related assets.

  1. Peruse to the information way; allude to Article ID 10165: “How to track down information way and program way” in Related assets.
  2. Right-click Options.dat document, and afterward select Properties.
  3. Clear Hidden box, and afterward click OK.
  4. Confirm that you never again get the blunder.

Area X: Update memberships

  • Select Help, and afterward select Sage 50 Subscription Updates.
  • Select Online, and afterward click OK.
  • Close the program and resume.
  • Confirm the mistake doesn’t show up once more.

Area XI: Can close or snap OK on the message despite everything effectively sign into any organization

  • Note: The workstation might show an actuated chronic number in Help, About Sage 50 Accounting as opposed to showing <Not registered>.
  • Check the drive is planned by server name not IP address; allude to “Blunder “Sage 50 can’t associate with its data set Pervasive on PC []” in Related assets.
  • Check the information document consents are accurately set; “Confirm my information record authorizations are accurately set” in Related assets.

Segment XII: Restart Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) administration

  • On the console, press Windows+R keys.
  • Enter services.msc, and afterward click OK.
  • Right-click WMI Performance Adapter and select Start or Restart.
  • When the assistance has begun, close Services window.
  • On the console, press Windows+R keys.
  • Enter msinfo32, and afterward click OK.
  • On the right half of the System Information window.
  • In the event that the message “Can’t gather data” is shown, WMI is harmed. You should counsel an IT expert to fix your Windows.
  • Assuming the right half of the System Information windows contains data, continue to the subsequent stage.
  • Peruse to your program way, and afterward double tap SageReg.exe.
  • Select Hardware Signature tab, and afterward click Hardware Signature.
  • In the event that a Hardware Signature isn’t created, open the Services window once more.
  • Right-click Windows Management Instrumentation, and afterward select Restart.
  • Endeavor to get a Hardware Signature again in SageReg.exe (Steps 8 and 9)
  • In the event that you are as yet unfit to get a Hardware Signature, WMI is harmed. You should counsel an IT expert to fix your Windows.
  • On the off chance that an equipment mark is produced, continue to subsequent stage.
  • On the console, press Windows+R keys.
  • Enter eventvwr, and afterward click OK.
  • Double tap Windows Logs, and afterward double tap Application.

Search for a red blunder circle message with a date after the program last opened and shows the source as WMI. On the off chance that WMI mistakes are shown, WMI is harmed, and you should counsel an IT expert to fix Windows.

Segment XIII: Missing Universally Unique Identifier (UUID)

  • On the console, press Windows+R keys, enter CMD, and afterward click OK.
  • Enter wmic csproduct get uuid, and press Enter.
  • You ought to see an outcome like the accompanying:
  • On the off chance that you get a mistake message, the machine doesn’t have a UUID. This is expected for SageReg to get done with the job. The framework manager or IT expert should address this equipment imperfection to introduce Sage and actuate.

Area XIV: Btrieve is running

  • Open Task Manager.
  • Select Processes or Details tab.
  • Select W32MKDE.EXE.
  • Click End Process.
  • Click Yes on message.
  • Close Task Manager.
  • Check can open and enact.

Area XV: Uninstall and reinstall Sage

  • Uninstall Sage; “How would I uninstall with the download documents without hurting my information?” in Related assets.
  • Reinstall Sage to another program and information way.
  • Open Sage, select Help, and afterward select Sage 50 Activation.
  • Check actuates without any mistakes.

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